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Instagram ER is the level of audience engagement one by one publication or to several. User will be able to calculate indicator to determine further promotion methods, content plan and topics that will be interesting to subscribers.

Coverage and involvement – what is the difference

Coverage is an indicator that is located in Statistics. Its not need to be calculated, so it is automatically shown by quantity post views. That is, Instagram coverage is calculated by the number users who saw the post. Also, there is a separate coverage pages shown in the section of the same name, in “Settings”.

Instagram coverage in statisticsInstagram coverage in statistics

Engagement should be calculated separately, taking as a basis data: reach, likes and comments. This is the number of interactions. subscribers and viewers committed in one publication or three recent entries.

Why calculate the ER indicator on Instagram:

  • determine which publications are interesting to subscribers;
  • work out a content plan taking into account the activity of the audience;
  • Highlight targeted viewers
  • pick up effective methods of promotion.

Considering what ER is on Instagram, you need to take into account good, average and low rates. For each individual blog the indicator will be individual.

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How to calculate ER – formula

For the calculations, two formulas are taken: with subscribers and coverage. First – less effective, because the number of subscribers is not always profile popularity indicator. For example, subscribers can win, attract using Give Away or contests. Reach is real indicator of interest, including the appearance of a record in Ribbon, hashtags and popular.

First formula: (likes + comments) / subscribers *100.

If the calculation is for one publication, they also add save to brackets.

Second formula: (likes + comments) / reach *100.

If the page owner often responded to comments, this the indicator is divided into two.

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But in this case there are several nuances:

  • the total number of responses is at least a third of all reviews;
  • branches and long correspondence do not count as separate Messages
  • comments were left by new subscribers or viewers.

ER is considered good on Instagram, if under the publication there is comments, likes and saves.

What is the optimal Engagement Rate?

The level of involvement is calculated individually for each profile. Percentage must be higher on pages with quantity subscribers up to 5,000 and within 5% on millionth pages. it due to the fact that the likes and comments will not be equal reach.

Averaged ER indicators:

  • up to 1000 people – 15-30%;
  • up to 10,000 – up to 15%;
  • from 50,000 to 8%;
  • from 100,000 to 5%.

Also, take into account the subject matter (specific, public), regular updates of records, feedback. For conversational blogs and pages for communicating with subscribers – the indicator should be higher. In online stores and selling profiles below, but takes into account the number of messages in Direct and orders in one month.

To increase the activity on the page, you should:

  • divide content into: entertainment, information, useful;
  • add contentious and debated topics;
  • use contests as a means of promotion.

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Regular Like-Time and Give Away couple for a year will help bring page to popular and attract subscribers.

How to increase ER – all ways

Engagement indicators can be improved in the following ways:

  • analyze the needs of the audience and compose texts, relevant to the interests of subscribers;
  • use promotion tools: collaboration with bloggers, other pages, contests and games;
  • determine hours of activity and posting: create a survey among subscribers or look in the “Statistics”;
  • Use humor and popular themes.

When writing descriptions, you need to check the texts for errors, use epithets and quotes. It is recommended to write at the end of the text question so that subscribers can express their opinion. This way increases activity in the comments.

Regular placement of Stories also affects traffic. profile. Unlike standard publications, temporary stories create the effect of “real presence”. It could be pictures, games or the account owner himself. The last way to increase ER is mass-hunting. This method is designed to view other people’s stories and attracting the attention of a potential audience.

ER on Instagram is an indicator of the effectiveness of promotion and competently selected content plan. With it you can determine what mistakes were made and how to solve them.

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