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It is possible to copy text on Instagram from a phone from a post through a browser, repost applications and using a computer version.

Ways to copy text from Instagram

Using the browser version of Instagram, the user does not have to Install third-party applications. This applies to other people’s publications, where to get text through editing is impossible. Owner account can copy its article using the button “Edit”.

Standard ways to get text from Instagram:

  • launch the site in the browser and by clicking on the screen, select function: “Copy”;
  • third-party applications. By creating a repost, the user will be able to get other people’s texts;
  • bots in Telegram. At the request of Instagram Saver;
  • using the application in the Windows Store.

For the computer version, copying is easier by going to browser If you get the article through “Select – Copy” is not it turns out – install the extension for the Allow Copy browser. For mobile format – applications, bots and transition to web browser.

Copy text via Android

Copy text on Instagram on Android is possible through browser. Any installed browser is suitable for copying: Opera, Mozilla, etc.

How to get descriptions from a social network:

  1. Go to any installed browser.
  2. Go to Instagram – select “Open with help. ”
  3. Among the available options indicate the name of the browser. Open via Chrome InstagramOpen via Chrome Instagram
  4. Log in – go to the desired publication. Copy text on Instagram in a browserCopy text on Instagram in a browser
  5. Click on one of the words and hold for a second – in select: “Copy” from the drop-down menu.

-> Как добавить видео в Инстаграм

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The copied material will be on the clipboard. This is temporary storage where you can put text and “Paste” in another application. By saving someone else’s descriptions or photos, the user must remember copyright compliance.

Copy text on iPhone

To get text from Instagram on iPhone, the user can go to the Telegram messenger. The Instagram Saver bot is designed to copying photos and videos from a social network.

Upon entering for the first time, a small instruction and command will appear “Run the bot”:

  1. Enter Telegram – in the message search bar enter: “Instagram Saver.” Instagram Saver to save text from InstagramInstagram Saver to save text from Instagram
  2. Go to the social network – choose a post.
  3. Click the three dots above the publication – Copy the link.
  4. Return to Telegram – insert a link in the input line messages.
  5. Get text and photos.

When searching for a bot, you need to pay attention to the name and register.

Also, copying works through the browser on the iPhone. By running Safari, you can copy and highlight articles and comments in Instagram.

Copy text via computer

Copying your materials on Instagram through a PC is possible as in the application for the Windows Store, and through the browser.

How to get text from your publication:

  1. Go to the Windows Store.
  2. Enter in the search Instagram – log in.
  3. Go to your posts – click on the top three dots. Copy text in the browser for InstagramCopy text in the browser for Instagram
  4. Edit – right-click “Copy”.

-> Символ пробела для Инстаграм

The resulting material can be used on social networks or send in instant messengers.

But it is impossible to get other people’s texts in this way. Only option how to get materials from other people’s publications – open through browser.

How to copy text from comments

From the mobile version, to get comments, you also need use a browser. As with the text part, the user selects the desired review and copies through the right mouse button or long press on the screen.

After copying the text on Instagram from the comments, it is also saved and author’s nickname. One of the time consuming ways to get feedback in text format: take a screenshot and rewrite.

How to create a screen on a mobile device:

  1. Go to comments below publications.
  2. Press the power button and go home – wait until the image will be created.

Copying text on Instagram from the phone from a post or comment, You cannot post them without attribution. This applies to articles or unique publications that are no longer available anywhere. If needed transfer a post to your page or share it: use applications for reposts or “Send to My Story”.

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