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When collecting a user’s avatar for targeted advertising, you need take into account the needs and interests. On Facebook and Instagram, you can Create categories of potential customers. Number of settings Depends on the social network. Write in the name of the audience for promotions on Instagram need useful information and brief.

What is the name of the audience to promote?

By setting up an advertising campaign on Instagram, the advertiser will suggested: “Create an audience automatically” or “Self.” Initially, the already added page subscribers and their interests.

In the second case – the user will have to calculate the parameters based on information received from statistics:

  • geographical position. City or town from where subscribers must come;
  • interests and subscriptions. What interests the selected audience on which pages go most often;
  • age and gender. It is recommended that you select an audience with a difference of under 15 years old: from 20 to 35.

You need to write to the Instagram Audience after analysis and selection. Campaign performance will be high if the advertiser has narrowed topics and interests. But this approach is applicable in the settings Facebook

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What to write there and why

The name of the audience on Instagram is necessary for promotion only to the owner of the page. Using the original names, The user can distinguish one collected category from another.

How to add a name and create a promotion through standard social network tools:

  1. Go to Instagram – log in.
  2. Go to the selected publication – below: “Promote”.
  3. Connect to a Facebook page.
  4. Choose a transition goal: user page, Direct or website. Choose a target audience on InstagramChoose a target audience on Instagram
  5. Next – Collect the audience manually. Creating an audience on InstagramCreating an audience on Instagram

Creating a database in manual mode, the first item on the page will be title. For convenience, recommended short and informative: age and geolocation or gender. When re-promoting the owner profile can select target customers using advance prepared templates.

Collected audience categories will be saved in the settings Instagram and promotions.

How to gather an audience for promotion

Concept as a “potential customer avatar” Applicable to marketers and SMM professionals. When planning promote publications in a standard and official way, the user needs to study the basic needs of their customers.

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Having the subject matter, identify an ordinary buyer or subscriber in the following ways:

  • go to major blogs with a similar topic and see the list subscribers
  • track indicators in statistics;
  • go to the data of your page and see interests.

Using the information received, the user will be able to configure advertising campaign and collect a portrait of potential customers. After selecting the data, write in the name of the audience on Instagram optional, but this way will help to create separate categories.

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