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Nick on Instagram is the business card of your profile. It is him users see in their feed, as well as when you chat in comments or direct messages. ВыбрEditing a nick on Instagramать правильное имяthe user – a whole science, and not even always a super studio promotions can recommend you a login that would you arranged. But we are not talking about that now. Nick on Instagram is always possible change to another if you’re tired of the old one. But several users face a problem in this matter – name the user for some reason does not change, namely – everywhere displayed old! What to do in this case ?!

First off, do not panic! As it is written in the official Instagram help, old nickname you only see you! The fact is that the application caches some data (including logins, profile photos, etc.) for more quick work. Caches – it means it saves on your phone and at work takes from you, not from the Internet.

In order for you to display the correct nickname, you you just need to clear the Instagram cache on your phone. For this enter the application settings on the device (or manager, in general the place where you delete applications from the phone), select from Instagram list and clear the cache. On Samsung phones it’s will look something like this.

Clearing the cache on Instagram

The official help from Instagram suggests not to bathe at all about this, and just uninstall the application again, and then Download and install again. I think this advice also owes you help out!

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