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Download Instagram new version using the official Play Market or App Store apps. The browser version is also available. social network where users can do the same actions, but without adding photos or video files.

The last update was November 20, 2018. application Stably updated once a month or when new functions.

The most interesting in the new version of Instagram

In the Instagram of the new version, several important functions were added:

  • tracking time spent by user in social Networks
  • Instagram business cards. In late October, a feature appeared that Allows online business owners to transfer data and contacts through “one click”;
  • in Instagram Direct in the video chat appeared the function of adding to six people;
  • GIF animation for correspondence. Express emotions with selection of images or “Random option”;
  • in the newest version implemented tracking for wrapping and bots. IGTV on Instagram is a new featureIGTV on Instagram is a new feature

In 72.0 and 71.0, application errors and bugs were fixed. Developers also plan to introduce an object recognition system. and scoring of the text.

The function is at the testing stage and will be intended for visually impaired users. Will be implemented using programs screen readers: Feed, Explore, and Profile.

New features and current version on iPhone

Apple phone owners can take advantage of new masks in sections of stories or shooting videos. Filters not only change user appearance, but also change the tone of voice.

Download Instagram for iPhone

The photo editing category has also been changed: 27 effects, which apply to the publication.

The new security system has affected the protection of personal information from intruders. An account owner with a thousandth audience may Take advantage of two-factor authentication.

The user goes to the “Settings” category and indicates the required security option for the page.

Key features and new version for Android

Also, as on iOS, the version for Android received new protection data.

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Download Instagram for Android

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  • Powerful Instagram account upgrade

Large-scale updates are:

  • IGTV. Ability to broadcast videos longer than an hour in online mode;
  • daily reminders. Allows you to set a time limit, which the user spends on the network; Changes to Instagram from AndroidChanges to Instagram from Android
  • turn off notifications. Now users only get necessary messages to quickly reply to friends and to subscribers.

The function of tracking the time spent in Instagram You can get updates for free by opening social network in the Play Market content store.

Key features of the new version in the browser

In the browser format, an optimized search for entries has appeared, the ability to edit a personal profile. Account holder may quickly view comments that are now located branch system: responses are grouped by reference to a specific to the user. Instagram web version settingsInstagram web version settings

Using the search bar you can view videos, marks “I like”. Also appeared recommended Records implemented in the mobile application.

The new version of users expects a major update, in the form altered buttons and social network design in general.

Instagram is a popular social network where regularly new features and capabilities appear. Expanding capabilities not only ordinary users, but also owners of the Internet business. You can download the new version of Instagram through official sources, by searching on the Play Market or the App Store or on our links higher.

Professional Instagram Accounts

In one of the updates, users got the opportunity Switch to business services.

Two types of professional profiles are available:

  • business. Essential for a private business owner, online stores;
  • author. For bloggers and users who engage promotion of services through a social network.

You can switch to new features from the public, personal account.

The benefits of professional status include:

  • analysis and audience statistics. Number of subscribers and those who unsubscribed;
  • reach and geographic data about account visitors, subscribers
  • personal information to confirm your age;
  • business partners and shopping tags;
  • official promotion from Instagram.

Functions available on Android and iOS, in the latest update social network. Professional account owner must Post publicly. Translate business page to Private status is not possible. But restriction functions are available access for individual posts: remove comments, send to Direct.

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Direct and Temporary Stories

In addition to working with the standard functionality of Yandex.Direct, Instagram released Threads app. Acts as a messenger, which connected to a social network. Profile owner can post messages through Threads on Instagram, share with family and friends temporary photos, create video conferencing.

The following sections have been added to Direct on professional accounts:

  • general;
  • important;
  • inquiries.

The first comes messages that the user has confirmed. Then There’s a general list where you can transfer chats to “Important”. In second – notifications come earlier and are considered priority. The owner of the page can sort the correspondence that you need receive first.

Requests – a section available on personal and business accounts. Requests for correspondence from unverified users appear or without mutual subscription. Profile owner may decline offer and no longer receive messages from the specified person.

Problems installing new versions of Instagram on a smartphone

When installing Instagram on a smartphone, the user must follow for operating system updates, technical parameters. So, download and install a social network on a phone that doesn’t updated – only possible through old versions. In the Play Market and AppStore will display a message: “Not supported by your operating system. ”

In this case:

  • Install a new version of the OS. Go to smartphone settings and select: “Update”;
  • use the browser version. You can go through the installed Web browser on a mobile device
  • Download the old version in APK format.

The radical way is to buy a new smartphone and install social network. For example, if the phone is outdated but installed new version of Instagram, most functions will not be active. Or, will work incorrectly, with crashes and freezes.

The APK version is available for installation only on the Android system. The user needs to allow access to unlicensed sources and Turn off the Internet while Instagram is being installed.

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