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Instagram postal code – information, which is necessary to connect payment functions. User must enter details into the registration data so that Get access to financial services.

Billing code – what is it

At the time of receiving the card, the owner fills the page and indicates information about the place of residence. This is the code you need specify to create promotions on Instagram or create financial account.

Where an index is needed:

  • by attaching a bank card on Instagram (if the card is not already you need to read – how to untie a bank card);
  • Creating a financial account in Ads Manager.

On a social network, cards issued internationally are relevant. format. For example, you can connect a Master Card or Visa. But unique, salary or student, created specifically in within one financial organization – it is impossible.

Where to indicate the index:

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  • Powerful Instagram account upgrade
  1. Go to Instagram – log in.
  2. Side menu – Settings. Payments for a promotion on InstagramPayments for a promotion on Instagram
  3. Companies or Author – Promotion Payments.
  4. Connect to a Facebook page.
  5. Choose a convenient payment method.

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The following will appear in the filling column: bank card number, term actions, index.

What is the postal code for?

Complete user information primarily protects against account theft. Also, the account holder will be able to recover page without additional problems. For owners business accounts – the ability to pay an advertising bill, work with branded content.

Other reasons to specify an index:

  • receipt of an official letter of account;
  • ID confirmation;
  • work with financial services.

Officially, the combination acts as an additional identifier personality. There is a postal code for invoicing on Instagram, of five digits. Pointing the data in the corresponding column – the user must verify the correctness and relevance. TO for example, if there was a mistake while writing – information about the user’s location and his map will be irrelevant.

What else do you need to know about the post code on Instagram

It is possible to find information about the settlement number through setting up an account in web banking or using mail services. The index corresponds to the code of the city, region and country, where was the card received.

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When entering data, it is not recommended to use a dummy location if it concerns a business account with goods and paid services.

How to get a combination:

  • enter in the search Yandex or Google the name of your population paragraph;
  • go to the site: “Russian Post” (or the site of another country).

The post code on Instagram is physical location. Recommended reconnecting and provide other information if the map has been updated or reissued.

If the data does not fit or Instagram shows an error: repeat the procedure after a week, check the information or create another Facebook page to connect.

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