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There are crashes and errors on Instagram when the user cannot upload photos or videos, it is not possible to update records or they Downloading poor quality. Why Storys on Instagram is bad quality: low device performance, third-party work programs, low internet connection.

Why Instagram Stories Is Poor Quality

The poor quality of Stories on Instagram depends on the technical device settings and boot errors. Originally the user must understand the operation of the mobile device – after in the systemic problems of the social network.

What problems may arise with a smartphone:

  • Invalid parameters specified. Shooting quality, megapixels and blur settings;
  • low speed internet connection. Connection through Mobile data or public Wi-Fi;
  • Instagram has not been updated. User did not set parameters automatic updates;
  • work of other energy-saving applications. Affects speed data transfer and image quality improvement.

The poor video quality for Storis on Instagram is due to using editors. For example, the service specified settings quality improvements only in the “advanced” version. Or, for materials the filter was applied, stickers and inscriptions were added.

Reasons for poor photos and videos on Instagram

If Instagram spoils the quality of the video on Instagram or photos, then the problem may be on the side of the social network.

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This list includes:

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  • Powerful Instagram account upgrade
  • the device is no longer supported by the service;
  • added masks or filters through a standard editor;
  • download errors. Instagram malfunction.

The latter option is more common: due to work problems social network, server load becomes higher. Download high-quality material will not work.

Another mistake that users face is the image is resized when placed. For example, small Pictures will be enlarged, and more will be cropped in the center. Therefore, it is better to know how to add video to Storys Instagram.

To avoid cropping pictures and videos, you need to use third-party editors. For photos – Snapseed, for videos – inShot. At placement in Stories, the user can zoom out the image, having improved it.

How to improve quality in Stories

Stories require widescreen images and videos. Available functions for editing the position of the picture on the canvas: distance, coup and approach. But even these tools are not capable improve the quality of the video on Storys Instagram.

Ways to solve the problem:

  • make a frame for small images. In video editors there is a function: “Crop” and “Fit to the size”;
  • use PC programs to improve quality;
  • Connect via home Wi-Fi.

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Instructions on how to improve video quality through inShot:

  1. Download and install the application.
  2. Go to: “Project” – New. Inshot videos improve quality for InstagramInshot videos improve quality for Instagram
  3. Open Gallery – select a media file.
  4. In the toolbar: “Canvas” – specify the size. Canvas on InShot InstagramCanvas on InShot Instagram
  5. Click on the checkmark – Save (1080P). Canvas in Inshot for InstagramCanvas in Inshot for Instagram

The minimum resolution to display in Stories is 1080 P. Video with less options you need to improve, add frames or crop picture.

Why is Storis on Instagram of poor quality: starting from problems with the standard “Camera” and ending with failures in the social network. Before you post a photo or video, you need to make sure according to the required format (1980×1080), image size or video, shooting options. Also conduct competent photo processing or video.

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