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A very peculiar personality, known at one time in Russian television and journalism. From its first debut on TV, Tina was remembered for her rather extravagant appearance and elegance. Much attention was also paid to diction. journalist, able to speak fast enough, but clearly. Having received a lot of criticism from other Kandelaki journalists gradually has lost its popularity.


Women’s journalism is subtle matter that is constantly “breaks” from intense stress. Tina’s charisma did not save her from the failure following a series of socio-political scandals. Kandelaki’s interest in politics killed her as a journalist and as a TV presenter. By the way, Tina has an excellent relationship with Ramzan Kadyrov whose instagram we also recommend to see.

At first, she was criticized by public figures, then by colleagues, and after – and the viewers themselves. Now Tina fuels interest in her personalities with the help of provocative tweets, often leading to open conflicts with colleagues and subscribers. In addition, to remind about yourself, Tina Kandelaki Instagram regularly updates with your new photos.

Judging by the statistics, Kandelaki is a fan of Instagram. Almost 4 Thousands of publications are new snapshots at least twice a day. Such activity naturally attracts subscribers – for the current moment their number exceeded 430 thousand. Up to a million followers yet to get and get, but, in fact, hurry Tina for sure nowhere to go.

As for the plots, everything is pretty standard. Despite what viewers see Kandelaki much less than a few years ago, she herself often visits all kinds of secular activity. Tastings, conferences, major sports and entertaining events – it seems that Tina has time literally everywhere. And, of course, he talks about it to his subscribers, laying out backstage photos. By the way, in the pictures you can see a lot familiar faces: Misha Galustyan, Andrei Malakhov, Philip Kirkorov and other

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Naturally, Kandelaki Instagram fills with his self-portraits. Soon Tina will celebrate her 40th birthday, however her appearance does not betray age. A fit figure well-groomed skin, perfect manicure – such a “set” will be envied even young girls. Of course, this is the result of constant work on by myself. On Instagram, Tina uploads photos from the gym, salons beauty and spa, and also noticeably suffers when on the table Appetizing dishes appear.

So, Kandelaki updates his page on Instagram very often, so her fans will definitely not be disappointed. By subscribing to it, you will always be in the know about the events taking place in Tina’s life.

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Kandelaki on Instagram

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Account: @tina_kandelaki

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