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Live streaming is a video call with a lot of users. Anyone can connect to an open stream, leave comments and like it. IN Instagram launched a feature with which you can invite friends. There are two easy ways to join the direct. live on Instagram.

2 ways to connect a friend

The account owner can connect a friend or the latter can join yourself. In both cases, users must be online. Mutual subscription is important, otherwise – broadcast is not will be launched.

Instructions on how to invite a friend:

  1. Log in to the application and start the broadcast. Start the broadcast on InstagramStart the broadcast on Instagram
  2. Click on the icon with two faces – button “Submit”. Live broadcast add friend InstagramLive broadcast add friend Instagram
  3. Choose from the friends list who should be to invite. Invite a friend on InstagramInvite a friend on Instagram
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You can send an invitation only to someone who is currently monitors the broadcast. You will receive a notification in private messages on participation in the broadcast.

-> Что делать если пользователь Instagram не найден

To connect a friend to the stream, you should:

  1. In the broadcast, the “Request” button will appear.
  2. Choose from the suggested actions: “Submit”.
  3. If the author answered positively, the broadcast function will be launched.

For the correct operation of the broadcast recommended stable Internet connection, permission to use the camera and sound. Often, users complain: “Unable to connect” or button with no online recording.


If it’s not possible to join live on Instagram, means:

  • The program has not been updated to the latest version;
  • The profile was registered less than a week ago;
  • Connection is via a VPN or proxy server.

To avoid problems with double broadcasting, you need to check camera access to the application. To do this, go to the menu Phone settings, category “Applications”. Select from list Instagram – “Permissions”. Resolutions for InstagramResolutions for Instagram

Also, disable data transfer via VPN, if this function was previously connected. For profile owners whose accounts were registered less than a week, there are restrictions. During the first month, there may be crashes in the application and limits for commenting, subscribing, and Like tags.

For broadcasts, only the updated version of Instagram is suitable. If the broadcast option is not available, then you need to go to content store and upgrade. Usually, going to the official application page, the inscription: “Refresh” appears. She can be absent if the mobile device does not match technical specifications for Instagram.

-> Не загружается видео в Instagram

These methods show how to join the live broadcast. on Instagram. In case of failures and errors, the user must check your internet connection if a friend is online and version of the application.

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