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Like on any other social network, Instagram arises mistakes. This is due to the low speed of the Internet, the lack of connectivity or updates. Unknown network error on Instagram occurs when loading Ribbons, authorization.

Causes of error

The main reason why an unknown network error occurs when Log in to Instagram – the data transfer rate is too low. it happens when a user connects to shared networks in a crowded location, on a mobile device, traffic ends or is in away from the access point.

Other reasons:

  • new update. For example, developers update the application, and users can’t download the Feed, access the directory. A download icon will appear in the notification line on the smartphone;
  • computer version from Microsoft. Unfortunately, the application is from the official Windows content store has a minimum of features and rarely updated;
  • Outdated version of Instagram. In this case, the user just update or reinstall the social network on the phone.

Unknown error on InstagramUnknown error on Instagram

Most of these problems can be resolved through Reconnecting to the Internet or rebooting Instagram. If the error is too common – you must contact technical support.

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Method 1: check account status or connect to Wifi

An unknown network error at login indicates that The device owner has connected to an inactive access point.

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To eliminate the cause, you should:

  1. Lower the notification curtain and click on “Mobile data “or Wi-Fi.
  2. Select “Disconnect”, wait a couple of minutes and re-enable.
  3. See in status if the Internet is gone.

Saving traffic for InstagramSaving traffic for Instagram

With mobile data: disable consumption restrictions traffic. Unlike other apps, Instagram regularly Updates and downloads data from the Ribbon.

To set restrictions inside the interface:

  1. Log in.
  2. Settings – Use data in cellular network.
  3. Set the switch to “Enable”.

Using data on the cellular network InstagramUsing data on the cellular network Instagram

In new versions, the function to disable automatic start The video has been deleted. By setting a limit on cellular consumption links, videos will take longer to load. Just click on play icon to stop them. Also, quality images are reduced when limited.

Method 2: Install Instagram

If the application has not been updated for a long time, the user must independently check for new versions. With automatic receipt, Instagram update immediately after connecting to the Internet via wifi.

Reasons why there are no new versions:

  • smartphone does not meet the technical requirements of social Networks
  • disabled update via mobile data;
  • system failure, phone reboot required.

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Update Instagram in the storeUpdate Instagram in the store

To see the availability of updates, you should go to official content store on the page with “Instagram” and click on Refresh button. If she didn’t appear, it means The smartphone does not meet the technical requirements.

Before installation, it is recommended to clear the cache using “Delete search history” and clearing data on a smartphone. Instagrammay not work if there is not enough storage space to load new files.

Recommendations and Tips

If the stream does not load for a long time while working with Instagram – A notification appears that means “Unknown network error.” Also The time of the last update will be indicated.

Most often, the problem occurs if new updates or lost internet connection.

On Instagram, an unknown error in a Windows application means that the Market is inactive. Such found on unlicensed versions of the operating system or when error 0x80070422 “Lack of connection.”

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