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Social networks have special video posting requirements. or files with a lot of weight. For example, put a long video in Storys Instagram will turn out only in parts.

Maximum video length for Stories

The duration of one story is no more than 15 seconds. Besides single stories, the page owner can publish as soon as many and individually several videos. Allowable the number of videos for one-time download is unlimited. Then is, in the section: “Temporary publications” there are no restrictions on time between different Stories.

The maximum length of other videos for Instagram:

  • Tape – no more than 1 minute;
  • IGTV: no more than 15 minutes, for large communities and confirmed – up to one hour.

If you record a long video for Stories, then each temporary history will be shared. After every 15 seconds there will be a small gap.

How to upload a long video through a computer

Add to Instagram a long video in the story does not work, but – You can use the download via IGTV. Only option is how add pictures and videos to Storis – download and install application for Windows 10.

How to add video via computer to IGTV:

  1. Enter the browser version on Instagram.
  2. Log in using your username and password. IGTV on InstagramIGTV on Instagram
  3. Click: “My profile” – go through the sections in IGTV.Upload video to Instagram via computerUpload video to Instagram via computer
  4. Bottom button: “Download” – select video from available on the computer.

The maximum duration when booting from a PC is 10 minutes, minimum – from 15 seconds. But such a format will be published either separately in IGTV, or in the Tape. That is, by clicking on the appeared publication, the profile visitor will be redirected to the page channel.

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In the application from Windows 10, upload a long video to Instagram Storys will not work, but the media file can be divided into several parts. Either third-party applications like Movavi or online services. For example, Online Video Cutter is designed to crop, select parts and flip recordings.

To post to Stories using the app for Windows 10:

  1. Cut the video into several parts using the site.
  2. Login – log in to Instagram using login and password.
  3. Click on the “camera” icon on top.
  4. Select: “Gallery” – specify a photo or video from internal storage.
  5. Publish each Stories individually.

But when working with the application, problems may arise. For instance, the video does not load or the Gallery section does not open. In such case, download is possible only through emulators.

Download a long video via phone

Posting a video in History for more than 15 seconds will help: automatic record sharing or a third-party application with function: “Split”. If placed in Storis long video sequence – it will be divided into segments of 15 seconds. Short sections (less than 5 seconds) will also be published.

One of the applications where you can choose interesting ones moments and cut off from the rest of the video – inShot. User can split video, trim unwanted items or paste at all another part.

How to split and save:

  1. Download and install inShot (Play Market and AppStore).
  2. Open – Create a new project.
  3. Add video from Gallery. New project on Inshot InstagramNew project on Inshot Instagram
  4. Press: “Crop” – select the desired fragment.
  5. Save in selected quality. Trim Instagram videos to InShotTrim Instagram videos to InShot
  6. Go back along the arrow – indicate the new part.

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By repeating the steps, the page owner will be able to remove unnecessary elements and save only those that are suitable for placement in Stories. After the separation and trimming process, the desired fragments post on Instagram.

Problems downloading a long video

By posting a long video sequence on a social network, a user will face a number of such problems:

  • the quality is reduced or the video does not meet the requirements Instagram
  • some parts may not be loaded;
  • cut off fragments did not appear in the “Gallery” section.

In the latter case, in order to find a specific part of the video, need to navigate through folders.

How to open additional storage places:

  1. Open Instagram – Stories.
  2. Click: “Gallery” – above the appeared click the button of the same name with the list.
  3. A list of sections will appear in the drop-down menu. Folders in the Instagram GalleryFolders in the Instagram Gallery
  4. Using Explorer, switch between tabs.

This happens if the application created the folder on its own. For example, files from Instagram will be grouped by the same name.

If some parts do not load, check the speed and Internet access. An error occurs if the user has closed Intagram before all elements have been loaded. In the case when the video cannot be loaded – a notification appears in the bottom in red table: “Failed to load.” Same problem if the rollers were removed from the Photo Gallery before the download went.

You can post a long video on Instagram Storis different ways: IGTV, automatic separation or through applications. Most of the problems arise on the computer version, which is not adapted to download any media files.

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