Ways to remove and disable recommendations in Instagram


The “Recommendations” section on Instagram is a list of users, which may be of interest to the owner of the profile. System picks up prospective subscriptions and friends with similar interests, hashtags, and geographic location.

How to clear recommendations

The category of “Recommended Users” and links is formed from search queries, visited pages and interests. There are two types: advertised publications and pages.

In the category of Instagram profiles that appear in “Recommended” includes:

  • Facebook contacts. If a second profile is connected, the system recommend subscribing to friends and acquaintances;
  • users who follow one of the “Best” friends “;
  • Subscribers without a response subscription.

Recommended Instagram contact listRecommended Instagram contact list

“Recommended” is needed for those who are engaged in promotion in Internet: looking for potential customers, exploring competitors. Remove section without consequences for business is impossible, but you can clear the list suggested pages.

To clear Instagram recommendations, you need to get rid of previous queries:

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  1. Log in to Instagram.
  2. Go to the “Search” section – click on the line input. Delete requests on InstagramDelete requests on Instagram
  3. Delete each request one by one.

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After that, you can proceed to delete the search history. Based This data compiles a list of recommended pages.

Instructions on how to clear previous requests on Instagram:

  1. Settings – Security and confidentiality.
  2. Scroll down: Clear history search. ” Clear Instagram Search HistoryClear Instagram Search History

Additionally, you can clear the cache in the mobile settings devices, delete application data. In the last version, you will have to re-enter your username and password.

Can I turn off recommendations

Disable recommendations on Instagram from a smartphone will not work. The function is available only in the web version, where you can go through official site.

By removing recommendations, the user’s page will also not be shown to the rest. This affects statistics and promotion. profile.

Completely remove all the tips will not work: it is unprofitable social network due to reduced activity of participants. The owners accounts can disable a minimum of features that interfere work with a social network.

For example, push notifications that appear on top of the rest windows on the desktop in other applications.

Instructions on how to remove Instagram recommendations:

  1. Log in with Instagram browser.
  2. Click: “Edit Profile”. Recommend Similar Instagram AccountsRecommend Similar Instagram Accounts
  3. Go down –o Disable “Recommendations similar accounts. ”

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After that – reload the page. Now other profiles users will not be shown in the stream, as well as the account abandoned function.

You can return in the same way – by checking the box web version. The page will be returned in recommendations and compiled with taking into account new preferences. Refreshable pages do not apply. Facebook friends and friend subscriptions.

To remove specific recommendations on Instagram, the owner profile can mark uninteresting accounts with a cross. IN further, the specified page will not appear anymore in the proposed friends.

Recommendations are made taking into account search queries, which means – the user can independently control the proposed records and profiles. For example, do not like publications, who are not close to the selected topic or unsubscribe from uninteresting hashtags.

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