What applications do bloggers use for processing photos on Instagram?


Instagram is a visual social network. To attract attention readers, you need to not only write interesting texts, but also do beautiful photos. However, the most successful photo is always requires processing so that it looks beautiful in the tape, and it just looked even better!

Now you don’t need to master Photoshop on a computer for these purposes, right in your smartphone you will find several applications using which you can make a great picture for your post in Instagram. By the way, many popular bloggers use them, too. than they report in their profiles. Let’s list the most Interesting, functional and convenient applications.


This is the most popular free photo processing app for Instagram. It’s possible to buy paid filters, but usually they Not needed. The most interesting VSCOCam filters: A5 and HB1 in the cold , A6 and HB2 in warm colors. They are used many bloggers.

Applications for processing photos on Instagram


Powerful editor for processing your face. Suitable for lovers of perfect selfies. Chips: removes skin imperfections, makes your teeth are whiter, your smile is wider, your eyes are more penetrating, with its help You can make yourself a new hairstyle and makeup. Also worth noting the blur function (for background) and the bokeh effect.

Applications for processing photos on Instagram


A wonderful application that can cut unwanted objects from the frame (garbage, poles, sticks, electric wires, etc.). Now you can not remove candy wrappers from sweets on the floor (joke?). Just select an excess object on your photo and remove frame.

Applications for processing photos on Instagram


Another very popular photo processing app for Instagram. With it, you can not only perform cropping images, overlay text on the picture, tweak the brightness, contrast and sharpness. In Snapseed you can adjust individual parts of the image using the selective light correction tool, for example, make the sky brighter or some detail of your clothes.

Applications for processing photos on Instagram


Functions of tinting, work with color rendition, many interesting filters. With Afterlight, you can easily remove the bluish complexion, and also a lot of green in his photo.

Applications for processing photos on Instagram


A free application for creating collages, and also a professional photo editor. Positions itself as a program for photographers, but anyone can figure it out. In his Arsenal of 180 filters, including beauty filters for beautiful selfie.

And what applications for processing photos for Instagram do you use Share in the comments, this is very useful for others!

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