What are hashtags on Instagram?


Surely many of you have repeatedly noticed on Instagram how other users add in the description to their publication not just some text, but also link words with a grid by clicking on which you can get into the whole list of photos and videos laid out all kinds of people. These words or phrases are hashtags, that everyone around is talking about.

What are the hashtags on Instagram

Hashtag on Instagram (and any other social network) – this is primarily a link. She leads to the list publications of one subject, namely to those photographs and videos in the description or in the comments to which there is a specific phrase with the # sign.

Hashtag photo fall

People tag their posts to make them easier to find, to relate them to a specific general topic, participate in contests, flash mobs or SFS, which are often held Insta users.

How to set hashtags on Instagram

Very simple! You just need to write the desired combination of letters, and put a sivol in front of it # (without a space!). Starting input, you will be Options for ending your phrase are suggested.

How to put a hashtag on Instagram

You can add a tag in the description of the photo or video, as well as in comments on the post, not only to their own, but to any another to which you have access.

Instagram hashtag search

To find all publications by a specific tag, simply click on it – you’ll be put on a list with thousands or even millions of photos, which are automatically updated (this was written above).

Hashtag seals on Instagram

By the way, if you click on the arrow in the upper right corner, then You can send the hashtag to a friend using the link in the direct message.

You can also search for the hashtag on Instagram on special tab for search, in the same place where you can search and people.


To do this, simply click on the search drain, and then select # icon and enter the desired word. You will even be offered some options, as well as your last searches.

Search hashtags on Instagram

Instagram hashtags are a pretty “powerful tool.” With their help you can promote your account on popular ones, and look for new ones followers to subscribe, and participate in promotions, and sort your posts, and just watch photos and videos on a specific topic. As you can see, these magical lattice words have so many methods possible use! Therefore, bypass them as I doesn’t seem to make sense.

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