What are Instagram activity chats?


After Instagram began to show posts to users in the stream not by the time of their publication, but by ranking, they began to recruit popularity like activity chats as well commenting. In fact, it’s just a company of bloggers, who like each other, like each other, write comments, make saving posts, watching videos and stories. Organize such reciprocity groups, both on Instagram itself and in others instant messengers – in Telegram, Viber, WA.

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Why do you need activity chats?

– in order to get the post recommended; – for, so that the post is shown to your subscribers; – for creating faux dvizhuhi page.

And only with the third point I agree. Indeed, when to Your posts leave a lot of comments with advertisers (if you are a blogger) it seems that your page is very interesting, but among customers (if you are an online store) is growing trust in your product. However, calculate such false comments quite simple: many are no longer lazy and examine in detail profile, and if you have the same people commentators under your posts, this is undoubtedly suspicious.


How to use like activity chat rooms and is it worth it at all?

If you have time for them, it’s worth it, but carefully:

– no need to ask for comments on each post; – perfect consist of several activity chats and alternate them; – not necessary join a chat where more than 15 people and in the requirements to comment of all, you still can’t comment on everyone; – perfect be in loyal groups whose rules say you you can skip days (otherwise you can just live in these chats, and not for which there will be no other time). Or you can be in large group, but in which you can leave comments as much as you can (in return get as much).


And the most interesting: myths about Instagram activity chats

1. I’ll join the chat, orders and advertising will flow

Be careful not to abuse! Everything is easily calculated.

2. Getting activity from groups, my posts will fall into recommended and their coverage will grow

Is not a fact. Instagram ranks its feed very cleverly, but, Of course, the percentage of probability of such an outcome is very high.

Very funny myth. The ability to chat on Instagram immediately with several people and suggests that you will throw your friends the most interesting thing from your page and what you found on open spaces Instagram. In my practice, such bans have not yet met.

Of course, if you have an interesting page, a lot of live subscribers, you don’t need any activity chats. However, if I really want to, you can use them, but, as I wrote above, neatly. Still, do not forget that this is essentially a hoax.

How to make your Instagram activity chat?

– Look for bloggers, write to them and create groups, it’s simple! – in ideally choose profiles that are similar to yours: dentist, seamstress, psychologist and pn-nyashka in one chat look ridiculous; – if you yourself afraid or you can’t find people, write to me at [email protected], I will help! Or leave comments on this page below. And it’s better to immediately come to our Telegram group.

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