What are Instagram impressions and reach?


Together with the algorithmic tape, Instagram came to such concepts like impressions, reach and engagement. let’s figure out what it is. This knowledge will help you advance. your account.

What is Instagram reach?

Reach is the number of unique users who saw your post (photo / video). Unique by essentially means one.

For example, your best friend and secret admirer often drop by to your Instagram profile and read publications several times. However, such approaches do not affect coverage, there are only 2 unique ones user – girlfriend and secret admirer.

Instagram Impressions

But such constant visits affect the shows. If girlfriend I watched your post 2 times, and the admirer – 5, the number of hits will be equal to 7, and coverage will still remain 2.

Instagram Impressions is the total views of the publication. From the same user simplicity are taken into account.


Engagement is the sum of likes, comments and post save. Very correct parameter, by the way.

Look, someone reads the post, but just likes, because write a comment too lazy. Someone, on the contrary, only comments, because the text is interesting, but the photo did not like. Someone not does neither one nor the other so as not to scorch, but publication Saves to bookmarks – it is useful and may come in handy.

All these actions are user response, different, but response. AND it’s quite logical to summarize and combine these parameters into one the concept of involvement.

Where does it all look?

Instagram reach and impressions, as well as the engagement of their posts You can view in statistics. For this you need Go to your business profile.

Impressions, reach, Instagram engagement

After that, statistics on photos and videos will be available not only from your profile, but also under each post.

Instagram statistics

In these statistics, you can also track the number of saves. post, as well as likes and comments.

Instagram post statistics

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