What are Instagram impressions


What are Instagram impressions

Updated – October 24, 2019

Instagram Impressions – Total Views publication.

What is the difference between reach and impressions?

Impressions count each view of a publication, and reach unique.

In simple words – if the user sees the same publication 3 times, there will be 3 impressions and 1 coverage.

Promotion on Instagram depends on impressions.

What do Instagram impressions mean?

To view impressions, you must first create a business account (see the article).

Then a new section with statistics will appear:

  1. Открываем свой аккаунт What are Instagram impressions.
  2. Раскрываем меню What are Instagram impressions.
  3. Касаемся “Статистика” What are Instagram impressions.

What Instagram impressions meanWhat Instagram impressions mean

  • In the “Actions” tab, you can see the total number of impressions per a week;
  • In the “Content” tab, you can select a specific publication and see the number of views;
  • There is a “View” button under each of your posts. statistics. ”

If you want more impressions, then read the article: how to increase Instagram reach.

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