What are recommendations on Instagram?


When they say “recommendations on Instagram”, they most likely have mind a special tab that displays recommended to you publications, as well as stories of people you’re not following. IN The application has such a second tab and is shown as a magnifying glass.

How to get recommendations on Instagram

In fact, a tab with a magnifying glass is a search on Instagram. If take a closer look, from above you can notice the input field, with which is easy to find new readers by name and nickname, as well as Photos and videos on hashtags and geolocations.

Here you will find recommendations for you. By the way, remove or you cannot disable them. The tab view is constantly changing, earlier instead recommended publications were interesting users with a few recent posts. Now the stories go first then one video, and then photos. By clicking on the recommended video, we can watch the rest, interesting for you.

Even under the recommendations on Instagram may mean Users recommended to you for subscription. You can see them when you subscribe to any person. You will also find them, by going to any profile and clicking on the small arrow button near “subscribe”.

Recommendations on Instagram

Many people are very interested in the question of how to get into the recommendations. Instagram. When it comes to recommended posts, and interesting users, the principle of their issuance is not disclosed. Most likely in volume, and in another case, you are shown those people and those posts that are closest to you, that is, they like and comment on them The users you follow.

If you want others to show you, you must be active on Instagram: get more followers and try, so that your publications are interesting to readers. Then you will be Like and comment.

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