What are the restrictions on Instagram


Instagram restriction

Many are interested in what are the restrictions on Instagram, here we will describe what restrictions are in the social network.

  • Limitations on likes – no more than 150 per hour.
  • Limitations on subscriptions – no more than 150 per hour.
  • Restrictions on unsubscribing – no more than 150 per hour.
  • Restrictions on comments – no more than 50 per hour.

It’s important to comply with all these restrictions or will apply to The following sanctions are applied to your account:

  • During the day, they block the ability to like, write comments, subscribe or unsubscribe.
  • Automatically reset the password for your account and it will pass to you an email from Instagram stating that your account is suspicious activity and it looks like it is used for spam. Nothing wrong this is not. You need to follow the link in the received letter from Instagram and enter a new password to log in.

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