What is a selfie?


Selfie: what is it?On Instagram (and in other social networks) recently, this is not very common understandable word, “like a selfie,” but what is it and what does it mean? Everything is really very simple! Do not be alarmed by the new fashion slang!

Selfies are the same as onions. This word means “picture of yourself” (that is, you took a picture of yourself and posted on Instagram, Twitter or any other social network). FROM using it, users show their appearance when their no one else to capture: a fashionable outfit, a beautiful hairstyle, stylish makeup, original jewelry, etc.

You can make a bow in the mirror (then your phone will be visible or tablet) or to a second camera (if you have one, it will be located above the screen of the mobile device). Try it, your subscribers will love it!

The selfie also has another synonym – self. Also, I believe very funny word!

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Now you know the slang of instagramers and you can actively to use.

By the way, not only young girls like to make bows, famous people, but even famous politicians! Remember like a photo of yourself, Medvedev in the elevator made a lot of noise in The internet? Ksenia Borodina also likes to take similar photos. (here you can read about her super popular profile in Instagram), a TV presenter from “House 2”.

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