What is Instagram and how to use it?


Instagram (Instagram) – is a free program, intended for users who want to share their photos and videos from around the world. The project started at the beginning October 2010 and at the moment is one of the most popular in the world. What is this application and what is it popularity? instagram what kind of application

Instagram how to use the application?

The main function of the Instagram program is to share components:

  • The user takes a photo;
  • Applies one of the standard digital filters to it. (processes it with one click);
  • Adds a description and hashtags to the photo;
  • Share the resulting photo with your friends through any social network, including its own Instagram network.

Instagram social network features

The main feature of this program is that the processed the photograph was obtained in the form of a square, that is, with equal aspect ratio, which differs significantly from those made photos on modern cameras in which the picture has aspect ratio 4: 3. Previously, such a square effect could only get from the old Kodak and Palaroid cameras. Now in Instagram no longer has square shots.

Instagram was originally intended only for works on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. But with time in the middle spring 2012, a new version of Instagram for Android (starting from version 2.2). Free to use the program possibly downloading the application through the App Store and Google Play.

Mark Zuckerberg’s company – Facebook absorbed Instagram together with all employees for $ 1 million in April 2012 years, with the condition that the company maintains its independent control.

Instagram who is the creator of the project?

In San Francisco, Instagram started with Kevin Sistrom and Michael Krieger, previously engaged in their new project under the name Burbn, decided that their project should be connected with photos taken on mobile.

In early spring 2010, Kevin Systrom received the first investment from the Baseline Ventures fund, in the amount of 500 thousand US dollars. So as early as October 6, 2010, Instagram first appeared in the Apple app store. Almost immediately after the launch of the project, Josh Riddle joins Instagram as Managing Director By the community. Then at the end of November 2010, Schwein joined the team Sweeney is a developer. In August 2011, the headquarters was Instagram evangelist Jessica Zolman.

Instagram for a smartphone how to use?

Soon, nice innovations appeared on the Instagram program, so called hashtags with which the user can find other users and their photos. Already after half a year, at the beginning Autumn 2011, a more improved new version of Instagram was released with adding a variety of effects, updated and icon and new the framework. Also, the second version of the application already supported high resolution photos.

Due to the successful implementation of the second version of the application, in February 2012 Instagram receives from a group of investors investment in its development, in the amount of 7 million US dollars. On the At this stage, the company was valued at 25 million dollars.

popularity on instagram

Due to investments made in April 2012, it was published Instagram version for Android phones. On the at this stage, management managed to attract another 50 million for development dollars.

At the end of 2012, application managers made changes to the Terms of Use of the application. New changes were due to the fact that now the company has the ability to sell third parties created by users of the photo. Wherein the user will not receive any compensation or alerts. The new amendment caused a flurry of criticism from users Instagram, including the serious edition of National Geographic and Kim Kardashian, as well as defense lawyers human rights and data privacy. Many application users during this scandal switched to other services similar Instagram Due to dissatisfaction and criticism of users, and lawyers, Instagram had to abandon these amendments and Revert to the previous version.

Instagram since the beginning of the new year 2013 when registering in the application began to request an identity of the user. Such measures precautions are associated with a large number of violations use of the service by a huge audience of users Instagram

New large-scale changes were not long in coming, and already the 2nd May 2013 there was a new version of the application, which provided: an opportunity to mark on photos appeared other users of the social network Instagram, for example, you can on Facebook or VKontakte. Now each user has section where it was marked in the photographs.

A month and a half later, on June 20, 2013, a presentation was held in Facebook headquarters where Kevin Systrom introduced huge updates that provided the opportunity to the user applications to take a minute video and process it in one of 13 filters, and subsequently put it in a ribbon. Thanks This new Instagram update goes to a higher level, which makes it possible to expand the audience of users.

Instagram and facebook

Instagram was absorbed (acquired) by Facebook for $ 1 billion in April 2012. Since this deal was held before Facebook’s IPO and cost the company about a quarter of all available cash, it was called buying a company that makes a lot of hype but doesn’t have specific business model.

Instagram photo application

For comparison, a deal on the purchase of Yahoo Flickr service, which still remains one of the 50 most visited in the world! The head of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, claims that they bought Instagram with the goal of developing and improving the product, not treat him like everyone thinks that Facebook comes with purchased projects. According to many reputable the world of internet entrepreneurship people, Facebook just buys cool startups, kills their product, and talented employees attracts to work on their own projects. According to rumors, this the deal brought to Instagram CEO Sistrom about 400 million dollars according to his stake in the company at that time.

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