What is Instagram Stories Navigation


One of the categories that can be seen in Stories Statistics Instagram – “Navigation”. These are the actions that viewers performed with proposed by Stories.

What is “Navigation” in Instagram Stories

See what “Navigation” on Instagram will only work in Storys. With standard publications, you can only do limited list of actions: save to yourself, send to a friend, Like and so on.

Another thing is with the “Stories”, where “swipe” is used – actions, which affect statistics and record viewing.

What is included in the “Navigation” list:

  • back. How many viewers made transitions to the previous Re-publishing
  • scroll forward. We switched to another user;
  • Go to the next Story. The entry has been scrolled to subsequent;
  • exit. A visitor has closed the Stories of a specific person.

Using the available tools, you can see which temporary publications liked the subscribers, and from which came out.

Navigation in Instagram History is in the statistics section, to go to it:

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  1. Open Instagram – go to your Stories.
  2. Click on “Viewers” ​​below – video icon diagrams. Navigation on InstagramNavigation on Instagram
  3. Scroll down to: Navigation.

But this feature is only available when connecting a business account. or Author page. Go to statistics only through the records themselves, but also in the section of the same name located in settings”.

Instagram Statistics Navigation

Using Navigation in Instagram Statistics, the owner of the page will be able to determine the engagement of subscribers. View data for each individual publication, if you click on the button “Spectators.” General indicators of actions are shown in: “Settings” – Statistics.

After 24 hours, all history data will be deleted. Information cannot be viewed, even if it was saved in Archive. That is, you can only determine the most interesting entries after a couple of hours or the first actions from users.

Other sections in the “Navigation”:

  • subscriptions. How many people signed up after going to profile and view stories;
  • Impressions Users who saw the temporary Publication
  • interactions. Shared in their Stories, sent to friends or took a screenshot.

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How to use “Navigation” on Instagram:

  • long press on the record – leave the show;
  • press in the right corner – scroll forward, several clicks to the end of all stories – go to the next user;
  • click in the left corner – return to the previous record.

These actions will be shown in the statistics of the owner of the page. Using swipe, you can scroll through unnecessary information, stop at interesting points and even enlarge photos. You can also stop showing for videos to take a screenshot or prevent the publication from being replaced by the following.

Storis Instagram navigation helps owners determine Most popular posts. Viewers – scroll through uninteresting publication.

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