What is LKS on Instagram and other obscure activity chat words


We’ve entered an activity chat and don’t understand what people want from you? Let’s deal with the terminology.

LKS – this translates as like, comment, preservation. Everything is simple. I think that like and comment in Instagram, everyone understands, but what is “save”, some do not they know.

To save means to keep a person’s post to myself. Such a flag is in the lower right below the publication on Instagram. Here and it is necessary to click on it. All your save can be distributed by folders, it’s more convenient.

What does it mean to keep on Instagram

PM – Like and save.

Comment on the topic – read the post and write your thoughts about what the person wrote, or answer Asked question.

The answer to the question – find questions in the post and write what you think.

A bookmark is the same as saving.

View – usually ask for posts with video. Must watch a user’s video for at least a few seconds.

Post / post – photo or video in Instagram.

Transition, transition to the profile – you need to go to person’s account. For example, when you read his post, click on nickname or avatar.

LKSP – like, comment, save, transition.

Mutual subscription – a person promises to subscribe to you when you subscribe to it (not everyone does, true).

View story – a man asks to go to him in stories and see them.

Personal profile – Instagram page, where Have your personal photos, your name. To personal profiles not include: Instagram accounts of stores, services, clinics and etc.

I’m going with – in our chat they’re so nickname, with who write comments and like them. Optional to write this “I’m going”, just specify your username in the format “!! nickname”

Terms specifically related to Activity Telegrams

Chat – in Telegram the so-called groups in which all participants can write.

Block / Ban / block – for non-compliance activity chat conditions, the administrator may prohibit you from writing to chat (there will be no field to write at all) – this is a restriction of rights, or remove you from the group at all (in the future, you will not be able to log in even if you have a link to it) – this is a lock.

Chat admin / admin – person with more rights (opportunities) in the group than ordinary people. IN ideally responsible for the order. Depending on settings admin can: delete messages of other people, block users, pin messages in a group, add others administrators etc. Chat creator can do anything, but different Admins may have different rights.

Pinned message / pinned – in groups Telegram can be “fixed” any message from the chat – it is always will be at the top of the group. If you click on it, then read completely. Usually there you can find rules and other useful for you information, news.

What is a fix in the Telegram

Chat rules – rules of conduct that you need comply with users. For non-compliance with the rules of the group you will block the admin or chat bot.

Bot / chat bot – special program in Telegram It may look like a person, and even write to you chat messages, but this is not a living conversationalist, remember. In Telegram the bot is distinguished from the person by the username (it will always be at the end bot). There is such a bot in our chat to check that the conditions are met participants, his name is Raccoon. Bots can be administrators groups, so they can automatically lock and unlock people, delete messages, etc.

Go to the bot – click on the avatar of the bot or username and start a conversation with him.

Have you met some other incomprehensible word or combination of words? Write in the comments to my note, I will answer what this means.

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