What is mass linking on Instagram?


Masslayking on InstagramMasslicking – method automated (hardly anyone is doing it manually now) account promotion on Instagram. Roughly speaking, you attract people to your page using likes: framed user a few hearts to his posts, and he naturally stopped by see who you are, and ideally, seeing interesting content, who “hooked” him, signed up.

Masslinking works well in combination with massfollowing when You do not just lap post the person, but also subscribe to it. Then the chances of a response subscription increase. There is even a circuit for such promotion: 3 likes + subscription, when the last 3 like user posts.

Masslinking will bring a conversion of 2-3% only if when you do it right: well prepared a base of people, that you’re about to like, have given enough time to your account (you have high-quality posts, original avatar, interesting profile description, etc.), adhere to the limits on likes. I wrote more about all this in the article about mass follow, read, because the recommendations for massliking are the same.

Promote your Instagram account by massaging in combined with mass follow is most convenient with automated systems. They can be a program, web service, or even an application on a mobile device. Most popular Now: 1mlnlks, SoclLike, Instaplus, Funinsta, Tooligram, Instatool, etc. You can easily find them using the search from Google or Yandex.

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