What is prohibited on Instagram?


What is prohibited on Instagram

Updated – January 21, 2020

Instagram carefully monitors the quality of the content and any violation of the rules may result in account suspension.

What is prohibited on Instagram in 2020?

The average user knows only a few things that are strictly banned in social. network.

But in fact, there are more prohibitions than you think.

What is prohibited on Instagram?

Any automatic promotion.

Auto-promotion refers to mass follow, mass lashing, etc.

That is, everything that is somehow connected with the wrapping.

Since 2020, Instagram ruthlessly bans accounts using any means of automation.

It got to the point that some users “flew” the ban for that they used postponed posting services.

Recommendations: untie your accounts from auto promotion services. Any suspicious activity is quickly suppressed.

I also advise you to promote your Instagram account with permitted methods (there are quite a lot of them).

If you really can’t do it without massfollowing, then at least follow the current limits on Instagram for subscriptions, likes and etc.

Publishing prohibited content.

Naturally, you can’t post photos, videos and stories, forbidden topics on Instagram.

This type of content includes:

  • Publications containing violence, aggression;
  • Negative incentive for hating in comments
  • Any nudity, even light eroticism (hide intimate places смайлками нельзя ????????);
  • Fake content (suspicious / invalid publications will be marked with a black mark);
  • Confidential information (personal data of users: phone numbers, email addresses, etc.).

For the publication of prohibited content, the account usually receives shadow ban (entries are not displayed by hashtags).

Publications, of course, are deleted without warning.

Recommendations: forget about once and for all about publishing prohibited content. Post once – get permanently problems with the account.

The shadow ban has become smarter and now you can lose months on restoration of coverage and full posting.

I also do not recommend indicating prohibited hashtags to publications.

Inappropriate behavior.

Like in real life – it’s forbidden to slander on Instagram, harass, offend other users.

Of course, it is impossible to threaten and annoy.

For all this, you can easily get an account lockout (even if you consider yourself an injured party). Everything is strict here.

Recommendations: before something comment – think again if there is in your saying anything negatively affecting the user.

Just one complaint and your account will be blocked.

Creating fake accounts.

It is forbidden to create fake accounts for already registered users.

That is, you can not impersonate other people. For instance, register under the username and upload his photo in one’s own name.

Such accounts live until the first complaint from the real user (even if it is not on Instagram, then on hint account will block).

Recommendations: promote your personal account / company. Do not waste your time on fake.

Publication of other people’s photos and videos.

Any copyright infringement leads to account suspension.

Everything is clear here. If the user sees his photos in your profile – on his complaint they will be deleted.

Recommendations: publish your unique content or get permission from the owner (the Internet is full images with a free license).

If you take material from other sources – get ready for that this may entail sanctions from Instagram.


Spam may be reported to your account (sending advertising comments / messages).

The system may also block an account for suspicious activity (same comments).

Recommendations: Spam Distribution Now almost useless, focus on other methods advancement.

Too high risk of blocking without tangible results.

Adding a site address in the name.

This concerns the username. It is forbidden to add to nickname website address (e.g. @ instasec.ru).

Recommendations: change the name as soon as possible. Or contact tech support for permission.

Creation of an account by a person under the age of 13.

It is officially forbidden to keep an account for users under 13 years.

When registering, the age of the user is indicated. Even specify an age older than actually – any user may complain about the account.

There will be a check in which the user’s photos are evaluated for compliance with the minimum age for use Instagram.

Recommendations: if the profile is maintained by an adult, Be sure to write about it in the description.

In general, Tick Tok has already been created for children (take them there).

These are all prohibitions that apply to this day. If I find something new – be sure to update the article.

Video tutorial on what is prohibited on Instagram in 2020 year.

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