What is the duration of a video on Instagram?


Instagram video lengthFor more than a year on Instagram, you can share short videos with your friends. First everyone this function seemed unnecessary, but then users to it We got used to and realized that it is very convenient: that you can’t show photography, short video – you can.

Intagramers have many questions on this topic: why the video does not load, how to add it at all, how to overlay it filter, when new effects appear, how to download a file from the gallery or from a computer, as well as many others. When a person wants show your friends a record that was not taken on the phone, but let’s say on the camera, another reasonable question arises, and how long can a video be in Instagram?

The answer is simple, and the developers do not hide it at all. The most short video duration on Instagram – 3 seconds, the longest is 15. That is, Your entry should be within the range of 3 to 15 seconds. But not always necessary (although desirable) to customize it to such a standard, because the roller can always be cut to the application itself.

We remind you that you can shoot a video by switching to application in a special shooting mode (the button for this is buttons on the right to take a photo) or by sending it to Instagram from the gallery of a smartphone or any cloud service. You record You can also filter, crop, and also select the first frame to be shown in the stream to friends.

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