What is the information about my Instagram account will become public?


Instagram is trying to make social networks a safe place for all. Helps clear spam in comments, blocks accounts, on who receive complaints.

From September 2018, Instagram introduces a new option – “Information about account “. For some large accounts (it’s not yet known how many this is in subscribers) such a public button will appear. Any a person will be able to find out the details of creating a profile. But we think if you have up to 10K subscribers, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

What account information can I see?

instagram account information 2018 instagram - public account information

Account Creation Date

“Real” accounts are usually created long ago, and fakes live not for long.


This information will help you find out if the user is setting false. geolocation marks at their posts. Some time ago over the network the story went where the girl as a social experiment posted photos mounted in Photoshop, and convinced everyone that travels in Thailand. And she remained at home. And all believe it!


You can see what targeted advertising on Instagram runs the account owner.

Former account names

If once the profile was called @tvoya_mamochka, now everything about they will be able to find out. Theoretically, this will help to understand whether account purchased (for subscribers) and renamed.

General Audience Accounts

The public accounts with which the most are shared subscribers.

Why does Instagram want to make all this information public? Officially – to protect a simple user. Many large accounts reach more than any print magazine. But in fact, there is no liability for what they broadcast information – incl. on political and social topics. therefore such a measure on the part of Instagram can force owners of large accounts are more serious about what they publish in their profile.

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