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For active Internet users, it’s no secret that any social network has its limitations on various actions users. Instagram is no exception. There are some things the established limit for which it is better not to exceed.

I will give a simple example. Very often people complain on this site that they cannot like or leave a comment. IN mostly, they always attribute it to the glitches of Instagram itself. However, in some cases this is not so. Sure, inexperienced instagrammers were simply too sociable, or used applications for free cheating subscribers or like too often.

The list of restrictions on Instagram, the usual the user

So, in your favorite social network in one hour (60 minutes) it is impossible:

– leave more than 50 comments; – put more than 150 likes; – Subscribe and unsubscribe for more than 150 people in total.

For programmers

If you are a developer and you need for your application or the script to use the Instagram API, then in its use you also must comply with some limits. The main one is next. Your application or script can make any requests with using the Instagram API only 30 times per hour.

Comply with your limits and you won’t have to endure inconvenience for breaking the rules. In general, as in any social network, don’t be too zealous and don’t be too active.

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