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The problem that writing about yourself on Instagram arises from users who want to blog or create a page Internet business. Owners of personal accounts just need to enter a name and age, as well as some facts about yourself.

Features of the Description block

Of the options that you can write about yourself on Instagram:

  • personal information. Name, surname, age and city residence;
  • Description of the profile topic. For example: “Blog about building “or” Mom’s Notes “;
  • insert a link to other social networks where the owner spends more time;
  • a couple of facts about yourself. For example: “I do not like bad comments “,” learning languages ​​”and more. Example page on InstagramExample page on Instagram

The choice of information for the header depends on the direction of the page. For business profiles, the name of the organization or store communication methods, short advertising. Owners of personal blogs are worth creatively approach the description: use emoticons, interesting headers and links for collaboration.

The “About Me” box contains only 150 characters, but with the help of business profile functions the amount of information can be to increase. To use the extra space:

  1. Switch from personal profile to business.
  2. Go to the “Edit Page”.
  3. Scroll to the “Address” section.
  4. Insert previously prepared text.
  5. Enter city – confirm with Done and save.

The maximum size of the additional block is about 500 characters. In this case, the address itself will not be correctly specified. Function fit personal blog owners and those who promote services in Instagram.

Recommendations: what to write about

Making your profile an important step in getting more coverage audience, sales and leads. Three reasons why it is important to fill out the page description:

  1. Information is displayed when searching for key queries.
  2. The first thing another social network member sees is a hat profile and the main photo.
  3. The ability to describe the benefits of your product or services. Description of the page on InstagramDescription of the page on Instagram

To create an attractive design are recommended Permanent Stories located in the “Current” section. Owner pages can create subtopics and place any events there, as in Stories.

Circles with already published circles will appear under the page description. photographs. Pictures will not disappear after 24 hours.

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  • Powerful Instagram account upgrade

The description line displays the username. This is the first words indicated prior to the information in bold. It is recommended to indicate the activities of the profile owner.

-> TO ак сделать градиент в Инстаграме

An example of what to write about yourself on Instagram: “Blogger”, “Designer”, “Student” and more. Instead, you can enter a name or nickname other than the one specified to enter account

To emphasize any part of the description, use services for changing the font. Mobile applications will come to the rescue and online resources where special characters, emoticons, or other fonts.

For business account holders

The first time I visit the page, the user must understand: whether he wants does he buy from this online store? You can attract attention with using a profitable “offer”, that is, offers. It can be discounts, product features or exclusivity.

Editing the “About Me” section is recommended with computer version of Infragram. You can prepare the text in advance, and when changing the header – just “Copy – Paste. ” An example of a personal page from an Instagram mobile phoneAn example of a personal page from an Instagram mobile phone

You can enter all the links using the mssg.me service, where you can one request to specify the services: Skype, Facebook, Telegram, Whatssap other.

Using hashtags, the profile owner will be able to quickly collect the audience. These may be special requests related to blog topics, and general. You need to fill in the cap in Russian language, if the intended audience is the Russian-speaking population.

For personal pages

Examples of what to write to a girl on Instagram:

  • My name is: (indicate), my age: (in numbers or date), I live in (write city);
  • humorous statuses: “I love people, but only in small doses”, “I am looking for happiness. And google will not help here “;
  • warnings: I am not acquainted, I add only friends and other things;
  • hashtags or favorite expressions. Instagram page with hashtagsInstagram page with hashtags

It’s worth the owners to think about what to write about themselves on Instagram closed pages. Description is displayed regardless of format profile.

In personal information, do not indicate: phone number, address residence or full information about the owner. Even in business pages It is recommended to indicate the work number and address of the organization.

What to write about yourself to a girl

Girls on their personal Instagram blog can indicate detailed information about yourself or make an interesting bio for later attract subscribers.

What is suitable for filling out the “Page Description” section:

  • marital status;
  • blog topics and link to a commercial account;
  • emoticons and quotes.

The latter option is relevant if the owner of the page does not plan Develop a profile like a blog or a commercial site. Кfor example:

  • It is impossible to keep rain, man and life by force;
  • Sometimes, when we do not expect at all, life presents us amazing gifts;
  • You were in my life and thank you for dropping out.

-> Как включить быстрые реакции в Сторис Инстаграм

And others. Status can be an addition to the general biography. If the girl has a private page – she can indicate the reasons, for which does not accept outsiders as subscribers.

What to write about yourself to a guy

For a personal profile, young people usually do not use descriptions or additional information. More often, this is the name and surname, the city.

How interesting it is to fill out the description section:

  • use quotes from books and favorite songs;
  • add a brief biography: age, city of residence, place work or education;
  • request for subscription or mutual likes;
  • write a joke or add a joke;
  • Use emoticons to create a short story.

The idea can be taken from bloggers or from the network. Interesting example descriptions of the creator of the mask with the Habib cap: “Purpose: to become a millionaire at 25. Now to me: 27. ”

But for the description, quotes are also suitable:

  • A man who does not know how to keep his word will never deserve respect
  • Lies are the end of trust;
  • Morning should be good, day should be productive, and evening should be memorable.

The phrase can be formatted with spaces and paragraphs.

How to make a description of the online store

For business accounts, additional tools are provided: link to the site, address. In addition to filling out the description, it is important to indicate geolocation and URL to the official portal (if any).

How to make a description:

  • indicate the hours of work and response from the manager: “We respond within 15 minutes”;
  • distinctive features: “We sell cosmetics from Korea from official manufacturers “;
  • pricing policy: “Our prices are lower than Aliexpress”;
  • Thanks: “Glad to every customer.”

It is necessary to indicate the cost of goods, both in publications and in description. The page visitor will know what prices await him and Do I need to order. Most buyers leave if not found the answer about the cost in the comments or in the description under the goods, You can try to connect shopping tags.

Also, the owner of the Instagram store can specify features:

  • You will find us at (put emoticon arrows or enter geolocation) and a bright sign at the entrance;
  • In our store you will be offered free coffee;
  • New deliveries: every Tuesday and Thursday.

That is, brief information that will be additional incentive to order or visit the store at the specified address.

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