What to write in the description for publication in Instagram?


What to write in the description of the photo on InstagramSo simple the question, like “what to write on Instagram photos?”, worries many novice instagramlers. Everyone wants to be interesting, popular, have a lot of subscriptions, and, of course, for this you need to be able to make beautiful descriptions for publications or copy them from somewhere. Immediately upset you – steal beautiful the text here will not work. I’d better teach you what is so unusual You can write under the photo on Instagram or video, so that your followers didn’t stop reading you, but, on the contrary, recommended you to to friends.

Description for publication is half the success on Instagram

As you know, an Instagram post consists of two parts: a photo or a short video and the first comment by the author of the publication. Before than tell what popular comments write in this comment users, I immediately want to note that we must not forget about photos – they should be clear, beautiful, nice processed, not offensive to the feelings of your subscribers.

What to write under photos and videos on Instagram to be popular?

Unless you are a showbiz star that everyone loves by definition, which is expressed in hundreds of thousands of subscribers, these rules are for you come in handy.

1. Damaged philosophical phrases like only teenagers. If you are under 18 years old, then yes, you can safely copy to your profile.

2. The main thing that most instagrammers love is sincerity, truthfulness and positive. If you will be regular and with just tell about your life with humor, success is guaranteed to you.

What to write on Instagram photos

3. Also, people love the cries of someone else’s soul – reasoning on the most various topics. And it doesn’t matter if they agree with you or not. Dissenters will arrange discussions in the comments, and that’s even to for the best.

What to write on Instagram photos

4. In addition, posts that may teach something: make a great cake, like it guy, choose the right diet for the cat, learn how to change diapers for the baby. However, remember that again copied and seen a thousand times in other social. networks of words will be everyone boring. Write in an original and interesting way. Choose unbroken topics. Highlight subtopics and dwell on them in more detail.

5. Complete your text with funny emoticons, because they like them most instagrammers.

6. If your profile is thematic, then do not go beyond indicated from the very beginning of the topic, but follow the rules reviewed higher.

What you do not need to write in the description under the photo or video in Instagram?

1. First of all, I want to say that you do not need to leave a description empty. Then the whole load falls on the photo or video, so they should just be mega super cool to arouse interest in subscribers.

2. Learn to write correctly. Oddly enough, the adult population most often follow profiles where they know and love Russian. Refuse inappropriate mat – in large quantities it is interesting only teenagers.

3. Do not violate the rules of the system – do not call for violence, etc. In addition, try not to offend anyone.

By following these simple rules, you will learn to write under the photo. on Instagram competent and interesting descriptions that you like to other users, your followers. Do not try to copy someone, the best description for posting on Instagram is yours competent, interesting and sincere thoughts.

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