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With one of the updates, Instagram users became available Drafts. This is a section where you can save photos or videos, but not post immediately. The method does not resemble delayed posting, but only option how to save a picture for publication. However not everyone knows where the drafts are on Instagram.

Where is the Draft on Instagram

The Drafts section appears as soon as user saved photo or video without posting.

You can create it this way:

  1. Log in to the application.
  2. Select “Publish” – Add a photograph.
  3. Go to the “Edit” menu – specify a pair settings.
  4. Reach the point of adding a description. Drafts on InstagramDrafts on Instagram
  5. Press “Back” until The notification “Save in Drafts” will be displayed.

To see the Drafts on Instagram, you need to restart posting pictures. That is: go to the “Add Post” section. The first section will contain pending photo and video materials.

The page owner can add any number of posts, which he sees fit. Find a Draft on Instagram if he disappeared, it is possible through the column: “Management”.


There is no need to save a draft on Instagram. The application automatically postpones the publication if the user affirmatively responded to the notification: “Save as draft”.

Download files from this section will not work, but after publication this feature is available in the “Settings” account.

Save as a draft on InstagramSave as a draft on Instagram

So that the application saves not only the original, but edited result follows:

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  1. Open the “Settings” account.
  2. Select: “Account” – Original publication. Original Instagram postsOriginal Instagram posts
  3. Move the checkbox to “Save published photos and video”.

After that, the user will be able to find the modified pictures in Gallery of your device. When you open Publications, a category will appear. “Management”, where the Drafts are saved on Instagram.

Interesting: next to the section name is indicated digit – the number of publications added to the “draft”.


To remove a photo from the section, the user needs to go in the publication. Unpublished photos and videos will be the first to appear. On the The instructions for Android and iOS devices are distinguished by function names, but the removal steps are the same.

As soon as the owner of the device removes the Draft on Instagram, restore the pictures will not work. Before uninstalling information, you need to save data to a mobile device.

From Android

To delete a photo from the Draft on Instagram, the user needs go to the category: “Publications”. The edit menu suggested change or move posts.

Note: along with adding filters and changing settings, The text of the publication is also saved.

To edit Drafts:

  1. Open Publications – Drafts – Control.
  2. The “Edit” function appears at the top left. Edit Drafts on InstagramEdit Drafts on Instagram
  3. Select the photos you want to delete.
  4. Confirm action: Done. Reset Instagram photos draftsReset Instagram photos drafts

It will not work to recover deleted files on Instagram, just like text from the description. User can delete as one photo, that’s all at once. To do this, mark the pictures with a checkmark. from above.

From iphone

The procedure for deleting files from saved on Instagram on iOS same as on Android. The differences are switching sections: Publications – Library.

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After that, the account holder gains access to further editing section Drafts.

Instructions on how to clear a category:

  1. Publish – Library.
  2. Drafts – Management.
  3. The column “Edit” at the top of the screen – Select the publication to delete.
  4. Delete photo or video.

Often there is a problem with the transition to the “Drafts” category: user cannot go to settings or access deferred publications. There are several reasons why they disappeared. drafts from Instagram.

What to do if drafts on Instagram are gone

The section may be unavailable for the following reasons:

  • The application has not been updated to the latest version;
  • the category has been cleared earlier; Lack of updates for InstagramLack of updates for Instagram
  • User cleared application data
  • The photo is already published.

If Instagram doesn’t display Drafts, then the current update has not been received. With automatic updating a similar problem does not occur. Need to go to the stores Play Market or AppStore content to make sure there’s a new version.

The reason Instagram may not be updated may be full internal storage or technical mismatch device characteristics.

You can only find where the “Draft” section on Instagram is located. on new versions of the application.

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