Where is the Instagram direct?


The appearance of directories on Instagram, publications that you can show not all of your tape, but only to a limited number of people or even just one person has radically changed communication in this social network and, of course, attracted new users. It’s comfortable – friends can discuss some of your photo without showing it to everyone.

When a personal message arrives to you, it is immediately noticeable, because a notification appears. Write it yourself is not labor. You only need to select the right followers at the end of the send fasting. But where are the directories on Instagram that have already been posted by me or received earlier? After all, sometimes you want to re-read them, and notifications, of course, have long been “not hanging.”

To enter the direct Instagram, you only need click on one small and not very noticeable button. She is situated top right when you just go to your feed.

Where is the direct on Instagram

As you browse your friends’ posts, she disappears, so many do not immediately find it.

By clicking on this button, you will be transferred to the list of all personal messages: there will be those that sent you and those that you send it yourself.

Where to find direct on Instagram

You can go into each, see the picture again, re-read description and comments, add some new ones.

Where to find direct on Instagram

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