Where you can buy cheap Instagram proxies?


If you are a normal school going Instagram users or you useInstagram to bring some traffic to your website and make somemoney. Instagram is going to block you if you do not follow theirterm of services.

More than 90% of users do not bother to read their term ofservice and skip through it which may cause issues in thefuture.

You can use instagram proxies in different situations. ForExample

  • Your instagram account is blocked and you need another tocreate another account.
  • Your marketing efforts on instagram is working well and youwant to scale it. You need proxies to access more than 3 instagramaccounts on the same IP address.
  • Instagram is blocked in your country/workplace, you can usethese proxies to unblock instagram.

Based on our testing, you must change your IP address if you runmore than 3 accounts.

Where you can buy cheap Instagram proxies?

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If you are using the same IP address for more than 3 Instagramaccounts they might flag your accounts and eventually you lose themall.

Wait, there is a good news! There are different service provideryou can use to get proxies for Instagram.

Semi-Dedicated Proxies

Here is my recommended seller.

  • Lightning fast proxies
  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • Never used on Instagram
  • One Click Proxy changer
  • Lowest Price!


Please note that these are semi-dedicated proxies and are sharedwith minimum 3 users.
Don’t worry! You still get lightening fast speed
The seller i recommended above have more than 500+ 5 star reviews.And i used them myself for years and never had any problems.

How to use these proxies ?

You get these proxies in a simple format. Please use simpleFirefox and Chrome extension. You can copy pastproxies from the list and use a proxy with the click of abutton.

Skeptical? Click Here To Read Reviews of More than 500 Buyers

Now you might be wondering what is the difference between freeand paid proxies?

Free proxies are public so every can use them. Even somesoftware scrape public proxies and use them to scrap data fromother sites and do automated tasks.

99% of Free public proxies are spammed till death.. In mostcases, they are blacklisted by Instagram.

I highly recommend to NOT use public proxy. Because you areexposting yourself to instagram and putting yourself in toxicneighborhood.

it is like shooting yourself in the foot. As soon as you use apublic proxy, Instagram flag your account and block you eventually.Because they know, only spammers use these type of free publicproxies to game the system. it is an easy catch for them.

Premium proxies are different for obvious reasons.


These proxies aren’t public

These proxies are private proxies and we only share one proxywith 2,3 different costumer. Each customer is going to use it for adifferent purpose.


IP’s aren’t overloaded

hey are clean IP’s and never been abused/blacklisted byInstagram: We have a fresh supply of new proxies each day. Ourproxies are clean and are never used by anyone on Instagram. Youhave peace of mind! Your account won’t get blocked!

You can use these proxies for other websites as well!

These proxies can be used to access any website at any time.

The difference is that the website you are visiting see totaldifferent IP when you use a proxy.


If you are not happy with the proxies for any reasons, pleasereach out to the seller and ask for a refund. No Questionasked!

Please don’t forget to mention the reason so we can work outwith the seller to improve the service.

These proxies can be easily integrated in different softwarelike follow liker, following like etc.

Don’t abuse Instagram with these proxies, because no matter howclean they are, if you take actions too quickly. You can getyourself banned anyway.

Try to be safe. There are different guidelines you can take toset a limit on daily following, liking comments and uploadingphotos. Delay in each task is quite important to give it a humantouch.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ​Contact me.I’d be glad to help you.

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