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Instagram was coined by Kevin Syster and Mike Krieger. Initially, the application had a different look and name.

Instagram story: creators and development

Burbn – the original name of the application, on the basis of which Instagram was launched. The name is consonant with the American bourbon (alcoholic drink) and the design was made in brown tones. After the application has not become profitable, future created Instagram, Michael Krieger and Kevin Systrom, started plan a new business model.

Interesting Facts:

  • social network appeared in 2010 in the appstore and the following two years was focused only on owners of Apple;
  • founder and CEO Keith Sawyer also participated in the development social network. It was he who brought to work Michael Krieger;
  • the Burbn app was intended for chekins (memorization points where the user has visited). But members of the social network just shared photos, which became the main idea;
  • Filters were available in the original version of Instagram. flip photos and hashtags.
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The community manager in 2010 was Josh Riedel, and promotion specialist – Jessica Zolman. Engineer and Shane Swinney is the generator of ideas for design change.

First popularity

Constant changes and user interest have become the reason for the commercial offer from Facebook. To the founder Instagram offered $ 1 billion for a full purchase stocks.

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In connection with the transfer of half of the rights, an update was released in 2012, Facebook related:

  • registration through the service;
  • the ability to connect and disconnect Instagram;
  • basic business functions.

At the end of 2012, new rules regarding user agreement. Instagram lost 25% of users and will receive sharp criticism in the media and from other companies. The reason was the point where “the social network has rights to photos and videos, uploaded by users. Can use them in advertising goals. ”

But despite the problem, Instagram was ahead of Twitter likes and interactions. At the time of 2012 he was considered one of the visited resources. In 2013-2015 started active development of business functions and integration with others social networks.

The developers left the Instagram project

In 2018, it became known that the owner of Instagram and initial developer – left the project. Left with him and Michael Krieger. The alleged reason for leaving the project was disagreements with Mark Zuckerberg (owner of Facebook) in development applications.

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Comments that the creators gave before leaving the project – thanks for the fruitful six years of work, the growth of the company from 13 person to company with thousands of employees worldwide.

They should be replaced by Adam Mossery, who moved from Facebook and took the position of project manager. Changes in the original Instagram versions are noticeable: in recent versions, going to the section “Settings”, the user will notice the signature: “Instagram from Facebook. ”

Services are related to each other and some functions cannot be perform without connecting to the second social network. For example, set up targeted advertising according to advanced parameters. Or work with a personal store on Instagram.

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