Why did the sound disappear on Instagram?


Why did the sound disappear on Instagram

Updated – December 3, 2019

Recently I ran into a problem – the sound disappeared on Instagram when playing videos and stories.

I’m an experienced user, I tried everything that I can, right up to clearing the cache and reinstalling the program.

It turned out that the problem is due to the headphones. And the solution is commonplace.

Why did the sound disappear on Instagram?

You need to insert the headphones and pull it out again.

Why there is no sound on instagramWhy there is no sound on instagram

For some reason, it is on the iPhone that there is no sound on Instagram. On others devices there was no such problem.

It turns out the first time I pulled out the headphones happened some kind of glitch and the sound disappeared. Quite by accident, I inserted the headphones and a sound has appeared!

After this incident, the same problem was solved several times. it in the same way (insert and remove the headphones).

If suddenly the problem with the sound is not connected with the headphones, then try other solutions:

  • Update the application (or install the old version Instagram);
  • Clear the cache (go from the phone to “Settings” – “Applications” – “Instagram” – “Memory” – “Clear Cache”);
  • Reinstall the application (uninstall and reinstall);

If there is no sound of notifications, then you need to enable them: go to phone settings, select “Applications” – “Instagram” – Notifications and enable notifications.

Also do not forget that by default the sound in the video is muted and You can enable it by touching it.

Still, the sound did not appear? Then the problem is much more serious. Read the articles:

  • What to do if Instagram does not work (various problems and ways to solve them);
  • What to do if stories are gone (solving problems related to stories);
  • Why notifications come (setting notifications in application and phone options).

Solved a problem with sound? Nothing helped? Share your thoughts in comments. Let’s help each other!

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