Why Instagram coverage falls


For more than a year now we have been living with an algorithm tape, posts in Instagram is not shown to users in chronological order, as per preference. Together with such an extradition to us the concept of coverage has come – the number of unique users who saw your publication (more precisely, to whom it showed the application). Tracking its performance is easiest in The default statistics for business profiles.

At first everything was good, or at least more or less, and then many bloggers began to notice that Instagram coverage is falling. Why?

Instagram itself cuts down the number of people who see your publications

Even if everything is fine with the profile, but you are not involved attracting new subscribers, but you don’t involve old ones, plus nowhere don’t shine, coverage throughout the year is likely to slowly falling. Instagram itself shows your posts less and less smaller, apparently, so that you start promoting them using the official targeted – pay money to Facebook.

The concept of “cheat on Instagram” is no more – only attraction

Are subscriber bots affect reach or not?

Bots kill coverage or notIt doesn’t matter, you yourself cheated on yourself bots or is it done by a competitor, bots in subscribers in current reality is not very good. Most often in non-living profiles a huge number of subscriptions, which means that your posts are not available to them, and Instagram believes that your content is uninteresting and how consequence, next time shows your publication to less number of subscribers.

The hysteria at the expense of the bots has been going on for half a year, many even ban them (forcefully unsubscribe from themselves), and in conjunction with other methods by return coverage get good results.

On the other hand, I’m tormented by the question: what about Instagram in general? can show a post to a bot? Bots don’t watch their feed! The only function of the bot is to subscribe to accounts and set likes. For these actions, you do not need a tape, you only need links to profiles and publications. Botovody, if that, correct. Takes into account Instagram profiles that don’t see their feed at all in their algorithm for issuing or does not take into account, it is not known exactly. In this case the statements of some bloggers that the coverage of their posts does not change at all when buying bots.

In general, the topic is controversial and unambiguous opinion on this subject in Smcmshchikov have no Internet. Me too. But anyway, bots in subscribers – this is only for puzomerki, there is no sense from them (they are not write you comments, do not save your posts, do not buy from you eventually).

Engaging in givas kills reach

But the connection between participation in givas and loss of coverage has long been proven. I think there is no need to explain what Giveaway on Instagram is. Yes, at first such contests were very effective, but then divorced countless giva organizers, sponsors and freeloaders. We are interested in the latter.

Now in most cases in order to participate in givas people do second profiles by which they subscribe to all sponsors from 100500 contests and do not unsubscribe (in scrap, there are more than 1000 subscriptions). Since these people are living, they go to the application for subscriptions for sponsors, Instagram feed is formed, only that’s bad luck, they don’t look at it. Your post appears in such a feed, not viewed, much less likes and comments, and Instagram believes that it is not interesting.

Further worse. Not all participants in the giv freeloaders with the second profiles, there are normal profiles. But they, unfortunately, unsubscribe from sponsors immediately after summing up competition. There is a sharp unsubscription in your profile, and Instagram decides that your page becomes not interesting to users and lowers your reach. And, it happens, the organizers even pour bot sponsors. That’s so sad.

Do not count subscribers as non-people: think about them and entertain

Further we will consider not methods of cheating subscribers, that harm the reach of your Instagram profile, namely your actions towards readers who may also to harm.

There is a lot of advertising in your profile

How many advertisements to issue per week (day), decide only to you. However, a lot of advertising, and even dumb (if you advertise everything that moves, sorry, for which money is paid), definitely harms the profile. As a result, your subscribers begin leaf through your posts, knowing that nothing good you tell me. And then they completely unsubscribe.

There are a lot of VIs in your profile

VP (mutual PR) – essentially also advertising, only free. AND the principles are the same.

Your posts are really uninteresting

“We woke up, poop, good morning, good weather, and how your affairs, “- guys, aren’t you tired? People flip through such things and even don’t like. And no activity chats in this case will save.

Your Instagram is uninteresting

You do not engage your audience

Well, let’s say you have good posts: beautiful photos, competent text, but coverage is still not so hot. Do not forget what you need push your audience to interact, provoke likes and comments. Someone begs for hearts, someone touches on hot topics and arranges holivar for more number of comments. Someone knows how to do viral, content and its subscribers share the post with friends using the “airplane”, someone writes super-useful publications that, well, you can’t help but save. To get started, just try asking your subscribers – we live in a country of advice, people like to tell.

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I recently conducted an experiment on my personal profile: posted post-fortune-telling on the book of Bulgakov “The Master and Margarita”, asked name subscribers page number and line and find out your prediction. Despite the fact that the work is still mystical and not everyone wants to “indulge” like that, my female audience with joyfully participated. Post coverage is 2 times greater than usually.


Be human: don’t buy subscribers, don’t attract them dubious cheap methods, take care of your audience, communicate with her, and your Instagram coverage will not fall, but will only grow.

P.S. Do you know other reasons for the drop in coverage? Share on comments. ?

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