Why isn’t the feed updated on Instagram?


Why the feed on Instagram is not updated

There is a situation when the feed in Instagram is not updated.

Причём приложение работает, но во вкладке “Новости” Why isn’t the feed updated on Instagram? пишет “Невозможно обновить ленту”.

Unable to update feed on InstagramUnable to update feed on Instagram

What to do?

There may be several reasons. Solutions too.

Why isn’t the feed updated on Instagram?

  1. Outages on the Internet.

Most often, the feed is not updated due to unstable internet (weak signal, lack of internet, congested network and etc.).

Solution – turn off the Internet and again turn on.

Why the feed is not updated on InstagramWhy the feed is not updated on Instagram

If it doesn’t help, switch to another Internet connection. (e.g. from home Wi-Fi to mobile Internet).

  1. Outdated version of the application.

Often, problems with updating the tape are related to outdated version of the application.

Updates come every week, so older versions may work unstable (in addition, there are no new functions).

Solution – you need to update Instagram to latest version (see article).

Update InstagramUpdate Instagram

Do not forget to check for updates – they solve many Problems.

  1. Technical failure on Instagram.

Sometimes on the servers of social. network is crashing. Therefore Instagram can work intermittently around the world.

Solution – check the number of messages about a crash on the site.

If there have been more than 20 posts lately, then the problem really on the side of Instagram.

Instagram does not work todayInstagram does not work today

It remains only to wait and hopes that soon the application will work.

If none of the methods work, then the problem may to be serious.

Read the article: what to do if Instagram does not work (a lot ways to solve different problems).

Video lesson on why the feed is not updated on Instagram.

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