Will the likes on Instagram be removed?


Will the likes on Instagram

Updated – November 6, 2019

In July 2019, Instagram began to conduct an experiment in which some users hide their likes under publications.

Is this really so? Will the likes on Instagram be removed? let’s to understand.

Will the likes on Instagram be removed?

July 17, Instagram officially confirmed fears of many users.

instagram wants to remove likesinstagram wants to remove likes

Some countries are already experimenting.

Why hide likes?

Developers justify themselves by saying that users delved into the gist of the publication, rather than sharpen their attention to the number of likes.

Although, it seems to me, this is another struggle with the promotion of likes.

What will change if they remove the likes on Instagram?

  1. Like it will be possible to continue.
  2. Only the author of the publication will see the number of likes.
  3. Only the author will be able to see the accounts of those who put like.
  4. Users can still see who likes whom in Instagram.

Instagram will remove likesInstagram will remove likes

For everyone else: the number of likes and a list of those who I liked the publication, they will be hidden.

Will this innovation benefit? Instagram will remove likes for everybody?

We will see. The experiment has just begun and it is too early to draw conclusions. Though Instagram has already removed the subscription tab.

But in any case, the idea is interesting. Maybe soon hide the list of subscribers.

P.S. While there is an opportunity, see the most popular photos in Instagram.

Video on the topic: Instagram wants to remove the likes.

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