You can like comments on Instagram


In early December 2016, Instagram began to gradually introduce new interesting feature – likes on comments. As usual in social network serious battles unfolded: someone innovation I liked it, someone didn’t. By the way, in what ranks are you?

But let’s get to the point. Now when you go into the comments under any post on Instagram (yours, strangers – it doesn’t matter), to the right of each message you see a transparent heart. If you click on him, it will turn red – you like the corresponding comment.

Like comments on Instagram

By the way, this action will appear on the action tab: the one to whom you like it, be sure to get a notification about it.

Someone liked my comment on Instagram

You can also see all users who like on a comment.

Like comments on Instagram

I think this innovation will appeal to bloggers who take care of their audience. Often to people who have many followers on Instagram and who writes interestingly, hundreds come comments under posts. To answer everything is simply unrealistic, even, if you are not busy with anything. And this feature will help bloggers “be noted” by their subscriber, they say, your message, dude, read cool, thanks for writing.

Yes, and ordinary people from the ability to like comments there is good! For example, I often see posts under posts that are true to me like. I really wanted to like clean before. a comment, not a post, but there was no such possibility. And now there is! Hurrah! Let’s enjoy it! ?

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