What is Viber and how to use it? – In detail about the messenger


If you are looking for information about what Viber is and how it to use, read our article. Viber is mobile an application that allows you to call and send text messages to other users of this messenger for free through the Internet. You can use it via wifi or mobile the Internet.

Which devices support Viber?

  • iOS (both iPhone and iPad).
  • Android (both smartphones and tablets).
  • Windows Phone (unfortunately, only Windows Phone 8).
  • Blackberry.
  • MacOS
  • Windows (all PCs and laptops).

On our site you can find detailed instructions on how to download application on any device.

Main functions of Viber?

  • Call friends / acquaintances.
  • Send instant messages.
  • Send photos.
  • Use emoticons.
  • Send audio recordings.
  • Send videos.
  • Take photos / videos from the camera and instantly send your contacts.

Details on the essence of the Viber application

Imagine that your phone has a tariff plan, which has unlimited calls all over the world, and messages too. And it does not require any workarounds, separate accounts or services.

  • The first association, of course, is Skype. However, Skype is not always convenient and often does not work correctly on mobile, still this service was created for desktop systems. In addition, Skype must create a separate account, in it your data is publicly available.
  • The second association is WhatsApp. This service was originally created. for mobile, your WhatsApp callsign is your phone number, and all. However, WhatsApp only works on mobile devices, only knows how to exchange messages and files, moreover, starting from the second year of use, this service is paid.

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Viber against this background looks like a great choice. Like Skype, he allows you to communicate using VoIP-telephony (in other words – communicate by voice), but does not require a separate account and is excellent integrates with the phone book of your smartphone. Like whatsapp, it is simple and easy, but it also works on computers, and it also offers voice calls, moreover, without restrictions.

It is available for a wide variety of modern mobile platforms. devices – for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, as well as for desktop OS Windows, Linux and MacOS. Voice Compression in Viber so successful that you can even communicate over a 3G connection.

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You can download the application and start using it already now if you still don’t use it! Choose your operating system and join 800 million users! You can find out how to do this on our website, where we tried to make out all the questions regarding the use of the client this app. If something is not clear – read the sections site. If you didn’t find anything, you can write comments, we happy to answer your questions.

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