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Viber fans have long been interested in the opportunity to use program on computers and laptops. And so it happened, you it is possible to download Viber to your computer for free. Having received the ability to install the program on Windows 7, the creators made a huge competition to the little-known Skype. But the new messenger is ahead of the competitor in its extraordinary opportunities.

Viberd for Windows 7

The first feature of this messenger is the process registration and authentication. Unlike skype and the like programs, to start using just download program for windows 7, enter the mobile number and confirm in the application on the phone the input from the computer.

As for the contact list, users only need enter a mobile number in order to add the desired contact to your friends list.

Install viber on windows 7

Today, developers presented versions of the application for smartphones and tablets based on the most popular platforms Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, iOS, Windows Phone and Mac OSX, which allows you to use when working with the application have the unique ability to fully synchronize mobile device and personal computer, which is also installed attachment.

The program features are as extensive as features of the application installed on the smartphone or tablet:

  • The ability to make calls absolutely free video calls to all users of the application;
  • High quality connection;
  • Completely free text messaging, multimedia files: photos, videos and audio recordings;
  • Ability to add color and brightness to text messages through stickers and emoticons;
  • Support for group calls and text chats;
  • Synchronization of operations between a computer and mobile devices: call history, messages, etc .;
  • Convenience of the interface – they will be able to successfully use the application even users who have not worked with it before;
  • Support for work via Wi-Fi and 3G networks.

download viber to computer

Download the Viber app for Windows 7

Start using on a personal computer (PC) as simple as possible, only a few steps:

  • Download Viber in Russian, follow the link to official site;
  • Install it personal computer;
  • During the installation process, enter the mobile phone number;
  • Activate the program by entering the code from SMS messages, who came to the indicated phone number;
  • Start using the program.

You can also download Viber to your phone right now, if you are not already using this application.

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