Download Viber for Windows 8 for free on in Russian


The popular Viber app for smartphone users, tablets now you can also download vibeber on a computer, on Russian language and completely free. You will be able to chat in your PC and also make video calls.

download vibe for windows 8 Viber was originally developed as a free messenger for smartphones, then a version appeared for tablets, and now Viber for PC is now available. Today for anyone can easily download Weiberncomputer is free for to get a quality certified version of it in Russian language – developers propose to get their brainchild gratis.

Download Viber to computer for Windows 8

Viber for the computer, as well as its prototype designed for mobile devices is not different only a wide range of possibilities, which will be discussed later, but also unique optimized design. Specialized intuitive interface allows you to feel confident when working with the program, even for novice users, earlier not experienced in using Viber. Viber makes it easy and convenient chat with friends, share videos, pictures, music and other content in real time. Also by downloading Vibercomputers contains many different emoticons and stickers that will make communication more vivid. Today, developers focus on users and that with the application, users can completely make free calls to your loved ones, friends and acquaintances, which also has Viber installed. By the quality of communication in Today, Viber has bypassed even the usual and favorite calls users analogues, known and available for download are not First year. Download Viber for computer on Windows 8 for free today is as simple as its counterparts, because the program It is freely available to users.

vibe for windows 8

For users who already use Viber on their smartphone or tablet, for sure, will be good news that that by installing Viber on a computer, it’s possible to fully synchronize both devices for more comfortable using the program. Also high will surprise quality video communication, which combined with excellent quality Sound is not common today. As for the list contacts, replenish it, with just a few clicks mouse – just enter the mobile number in the contact list phone of the program user of interest.

download vibe on windows 8

To date, developers have presented versions of the program, adapted both to work with Windows, and compatible with such operating system like Mac OS as well as advanced versions for mobile platforms such as Windows Phone, iOS and Android In the current development of technology, many IT companies continually present their versions to users and products similar to viber in functional set but program developers do not stand aside and do every day their offspring more and more perfect, improving each of functions presented in the messenger. Today Viber tested and loved by a huge number users around the world that speaks for itself.

vibe for windows 8 on the tablet

Main features of Viber on the computer:

  • Completely free text messaging with Internet networks
  • The ability to conveniently and easily send media files: audio, video, photo;
  • Support for group communication mode;
  • Free calls (both voice and video calls) with high quality sound and video;
  • Work in networks 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi;
  • Accessible and simple interface;
  • No registration with login and password is required. Login occurs by mobile number;
  • Full synchronization between smartphone and computer;
  • The current call is transferred between devices without interruptions.

vibe on windows 8 for free

Viber for Windows 8 – More Information

  • The most popular analogue of Viber Symbian only supports exchange text messaging, not providing the ability to commit voice calls.
  • Already at the beginning of August 2013, more than 200 used the service million people located in 193 countries of the world. Therein out of the total number of users of the order of 300 thousand – Lebanon and about several million in Egypt. In February 2014, according to the new owner of the program, the application was registered over 330 million users installed it on their smartphones, tablets and computers.
  • Today Viber is available in twenty eight languages, among which: Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, hindi etc.

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