How to download Viber for Blackberry from official site


If you own a Blackberry device, you also a unique opportunity to make free calls anywhere in the world. In this article you will learn how to download and install Viber on Blackberry absolutely free. Such Phones are used mainly by people for whom business is important. correspondence, mail services, planners, creation a list of business meetings a day, or a week in advance. therefore a very nice addition to the basic functionality of the phone, will Viber

download vibe on blackberryHow to download viber for Blackberry from the official site

This brand also has its own store, it is a huge portal. applications and games on which you can easily find everything you need and useful programs for your phone.

You can download Viber from this link, current version Weiber 10.

By the way, in the old version of Viber. it was not possible to commit voice messages, and it was only possible to exchange text messaging. In the new version, you will be available to you the following features:

  • Free calls via Wi-Fi and mobile Internet.
  • Improved application performance in OS 5.
  • The exchange of stickers has become much faster than in the earlier version.
  • Fixed minor bugs in the program.
  • Create chats and dialogs between Viber contacts.

viber for blackberry where to download

Before proceeding with the installation of Viber on your phone, Check out the main issues and frequently asked questions. questions:

How to check OS version on Blackberry?

  • In OS 7 and OS 6 – go to “Options” ⇒ “Device” ⇒ “About versions Device “/” Options “⇒” Device “⇒” About Device Versions “.
  • On OS 5 – go to “Options” ⇒ “About phone” ⇒ “Options” ⇒ “About”.

It happens that when making a call when using a 3G network, it is possible to reach the user. Developers recommend Check the settings of the APN for your mobile operator. For To do this, follow these steps in the phone menu:

For OS 7 go to “Options” ⇒ “Device” ⇒ “Advanced System Settings “⇒” TCP IP “, and enter the correct parameters APN operator save changes.

For OS 5 go to “Options” ⇒ “Advanced Options “⇒” TCP / IP “, enter the APN parameters of your operator, apply the changes. If the problem persists, you can contact with a support service with your carrier.

sets of stickers in vibe

If you decide to install Viber on your computer, check out small instructions, and the nuances that may arise in the process of installing Viber on a computer.

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