5 Untapped sources for awesome twitch overlaydesigners


As a Twitch streamers, what is the first thing your viewers willnotice when they watch your stream? Every streamer has a unique,interesting overlay that allows them to show their personalitywithout saying a word.

Professionally designed overlay can push your audience throughthe roof! Because it catches user attention right of the bat asopposed to ugly overlay you created in paint.

However, finding a reliable place to purchase one (or evencreate your own) can be daunting.

Best Sources to Hire Twitch Overlay Designer

There are lot of sites you can use to hire someone who can helpyou with your twitch overlay.

You might be asking, is there any risk with hiring someone foryour twitch overlay design project ?

Your main risk when hiring a designer is thepotential of being scammed or hiring someone who is not skilledenough to complete your task.

Whilst there is no exact solution to this, the best idea is touse your discretion before hiring someone. Try and research theirpast work, read feedback and contact them to find out about priorexperience.

Some sites will display the qualifications of their designers,however each has their own policies and vetting procedures.

You may also find it difficult to convey your vision for theproject which may lead to a lot of revisions needed and a long timebefore you receive your finishing product.

This guide might help you to make better buying decision.

Here are Top-5 Sources you can use to hire great innovativedesigners.


Fiverr is easy to search and there are tons of designersoffering only twitch overlay design service.

On Fiverr, potential sellers post a small advert stating thetask they are capable of doing for fixed price.

As of 2019, there are more than 600 designers who specificallyoffering this service with price ranges from $10 – 150.00

5 Untapped sources for awesome twitch overlaydesignersClick Here to Launch Seller List on Fiverr

Typically, they will offer several different packages featuringupgrades such as additional panels or faster delivery. ( alsocalled RUSH ORDER on fiverr)

I’d recommend sellers that offer unlimited revisions so you willnot be required to pay until you are happy with their work.

This video explain how fiverr works pretty much in details

You also havethe option of hiring a pro seller on fiverr, which typicallycarries a higher price tag but thorough vetting system (which asksabout notable projects, higher education and qualifications)confirms that the seller is qualified to provide the service theyoffer.

Payments are accepted via: all major credit/debitcards, Apple Pay, iDEAL and PayPal.

Fiverr charges a processing fee on all orders; for purchases upto and including $40 this is $2, anything above is 5% of the totalprice. Finding out more information on Fiverr pricingstructure.

Fiverr also features a level system which can aid in vettingsellers along with a rating (out of 5 stars) and the ability forcustomers to leave public feedback and images of their completedorder.


  • Ability to view average time taken to complete orders

  • Prices range from as low as $5 appealing to smaller budgets

  • Quick responses from Customer Service (Twitter being thefastest)


  • Not all sellers will be qualified

  • Complex work can be very expensive and verified sellers comewith an increased price


There are thousands of freelance designers on Upwork. Even, theyhave special category for freelance designer.

Prospective buyers post a description of their job and the skillsrequired and receive proposals from potential designers.

Just like this:5 Untapped sources for awesome twitch overlaydesigners

If the project is being paid per hour, clients are only requiredto pay for the hours spent directly working on the project.

Freelancers complete a work diary showing progress which can beaccessed at any time by you and can log hourly time on the desktopapp ensuring a fair price is paid.

For fixed price projects, your money will be in escrow withupwork and will be only released to the freelancer once the workhas be approved.

Posting a design project on upwork is easy, please watch thevideo to learn how you can do it.

Upwork accepts multiple forms of payment: Mastercard, Visa,American Express, Discover and PayPal.

but it is important to bear in mind that most transactions willbe subject to a 2.75% processing fee.


  • Free to use (with the option for to upgrade to Upwork Pro for anadditional fee)

  • ‘Top rated program’ allows users to find consistent workers

  • Legal ownership transfers to the client once payment is receivedtherefore there is no risk of copyright claims


  • Up to 20% of the total earnings of the freelancer is taken byUpwork as a service charge; you may feel uncomfortable with theidea of the company taking such a large cut

  • Variation in availability and speed of freelancers

  • High quality graphics can be costly (from $7-$50)


9Designs gives you two options to find a designer. You caneither hire someone directly, or start a contest.

All designers are filtered and designated one of three tiers:Entry, Mid and Top. Find out More

These are based on multiple factors including experience andquality of work. Contests are often cheaper (though the higher theprize the more likely you are to receive entries) and are moresuited towards streamers who do not have a clear vision of whattheir overlay should look like.

5 Untapped sources for awesome twitch overlaydesigners

It is a premium marketing place so make sure you have top dollarbudget! Twitch Overlay can cost more than $100.00 on 99designs.



They can also take almost four weeks including finalization andtime to judge so may not be the best idea for someone requiringrapid results.

Hiring a designer is slightly more expensive but results inquicker responses and can feel more secure as you know exactly whoyou are working with from the beginning.


  • Rigorous screening confirms you will be getting a good qualityworker

  • Easy to understand ranking evaluated by staff

  • Contests give the ability to see multiple styles if you don’thave a clear idea of what you want


  • Expensive (prices very rarely below $200)

  • Designers are not guaranteed a reward for their work (contests)which may lead to fewer submissions

  • Artist may not receive any design to their liking but are stillrequired to pay for a prize if the competition enters the finalround


Dribbble is a platform which allows designers around the globeto show their work and receive feedback.

5 Untapped sources for awesome twitch overlaydesigners

Each designer has a profile featuring some examples of theirwork (known as shots) and are able to mark themselves as availablefor hire.

Unlike the other sites listed here, not all designers show theirrates before being directly contacted and those that do are usuallyestimates over concrete rates. Therefore, Dribble may not be idealfor someone with a tight budget as you may unintentionally contactsomeone far outside your price range which results in a major wasteof time for both parties.

Designers are authorized on an invite-only basis (with eachperson having a limited number of invites) which increases yourchances of finding a qualified designer.

Your options to find a designer include contacting one directly,posting a job listing or a service called Dribbble Talent duringwhich they will assist you in finding a designer.

​Overall, this service is best for streamers with areasonably high budget who are looking to ensure high quality workis produced.


  • Invite-only designers (higher quality of work)

  • Trustworthy (40,000 companies have used their service)

  • Allows buyer to view detailed portfolio before purchasing


  • Costly ($99/month for basic search with other levels in the linkabove)

  • Only around 25% of designers actively seeking jobs

  • No guarantee that designers will be interested in yourproject


Despite the fact that unlike every other website mentionedabove.

Twitter is not strictly a tool for hiring for projects, butthere are many talented artists who can be found on theplatform.

This method can work really well if you already have somefollowers on twitter. But who is stopping you to just tweet and seeif there you can find a great designer from twitter ?

Any #GraphicDesigner who can help me with creating Overlay formy #Twitch Channel ? DM me!

Click to Tweet

I typed ” Twitch Designer” in Twitter search box and foundthis:

You can see lot of people are tweeting and asking for help.

Can anyone help me start my streaming #needhelp #help #twitchtv#twitch #logos #designers

— KADEN (@858ktm) December 17, 2018

Trying to get a channel up and running. Need logo and or pagedesign… looking for creators/designers. Any and all helpappreciated and yes I know it isn’t free lol (sucks that has to beput as a disclaimer) #mixer #twitch #streaming #newbie

— ThaBless3D1 (@ThaBless3D1) December 15, 2018

Tried to search users instead of tweets on twitter. And found atwitch designer within few seconds.

?PriceList ?
➡️Full Revamp(YT/Twitter $20
➡️TwitchOverlay Pack $30

Portfolio➡️https://t.co/ceYTxywHvN@TwitchSharing @ShoutRTs @ImLiveRT@ShoutGamers @FameRTR @RSG_Retweet @SGH_RTs @FlyRts @LaZy_RTs@Mighty_RTs @Demented_RTs

— Designer (DM For Work) (@lmRezmah) December 16, 2018

Some designers on Twitter will have previously posted examplesof their work, run giveaways and are more open to customorders.

In addition, because the transaction will not have an addedservice fee (unless your method of payment charges fortransactions) as there is no company involved. Methods of paymentwill vary depending on who you choose to ask.

You can discuss this directly with designer.


  • No additional fees

  • Rates are usually reasonable

  • Easy to find reviews and feedback


  • Transactions may not be secure

  • Can be difficult to find relevant Tweets

  • Highest chance of scammers compared to other methods

How to create Twitch overlay

On a budget and don’t want to spend money ? Don’t worry.Creating Twitch Overlay isn’t a rocket science. It just takes timeand there is a learning curve.

So If you have decided that you don’t want to spend money on anoverlay or are simply feeling creative this section will teach youthe basics of how to create your own.

Bear in mind that this will not teach you how to create originalimages; only how to manipulate pre-existing ones.

If you are looking for a custom image, it may be a better ideato use a designer.

You can Create a simple rectangle overlay within 10-15 minutesof work using photoshop.

Be sure that before you start, the background of the image isset to transparent otherwise it will cover the visuals of yourstream. One of the most important things about an overlay is itsdimensions.

For this, Ziovo recommends a width of 1920 pixelsand a height of 1080.

You are instructed to insert a rectangle which can be customizeto your desires. There is a large spectrum of colors and you canadd effects such as a gradient or shadow.

Alternatively, you may use an image as the background bydownloading an image from the internet, resizing it and placing itdirectly over the rectangle and setting the rectangle.

You can also add text and format the color and effect in asimilar manner.

To add a custom profile picture and banner you simply go to yourTwitch page and click the button labelled ‘Edit’.

To create a panel, scroll down to Panels and toggle edit to on.You can include an image (from any that you have saved), adescription and a link that your viewers will be redirected to ifthey click it.

If you are unsure of how to add the overlay to your stream, atutorial can be found here.

​ Note: In order to add any additions to yourstream, including webcam footage and an overlay, you must have OpenBroadcaster Software downloaded.

Is it worth spending time to do it yourself ?

I don’t think so. There are more risks when creating your ownoverlay.

Depending on your prior experience, it make take you severalattempts until you are satisfied. Doing your research on how to useyour tools and using some time to practice will increase your oddsof producing good work.

Also, you may find that the tools needed to create very highquality assets are incredibly expensive and not worth it for asmall project.

You may have to find cheaper services or look for freetrials/discounts.

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