How to make money on Twitch [Ultimate Guide with9 Different ways]


There are lot of different ways to make money from twitch. Butthe key is to build an audience that love what you do and is lasertargeted to your niche which is gaming.

Twitch is great platform to build an audience because:-


– Twitch gets about 15 Million daily active users.

– Over 2.2 million Twitch creators broadcast their games live onTwitch monthly.

– In 2017 alone, 255 Billion minutes of video content wasconsumed by its users.

Read more interesting stats about Twitch.

The more quality audience you have, the more money you make. Itis matter of how you funnel your audience into different directionsto make sales.

This audience phenomenon is kind of general. Being specific,twitch has their own limitations in terms of how you connect withyour audience and that is totally fair because you are willing togive them a cut as a middle man by showcasing your work to millionsof audience.

Below are few methods you can use to make money on twitch. Thesemethods can be used both as standalone method or can be used as acombination of different methods at the same time.

1) Partnership Program

2) Affiliate Marketing

3) Merchandise

4) Accepting Fans Donations

5) Sponsorship’s

Lets Deep dive into each of these.

1) Partnership Program

Twitch partnership program allows you to partner up with twitchand share revenue by showing ads and selling other twitchproducts.

There are 3 different revenue models twitch is using to generaterevenue

a) Channel subscriptions andemotes:- Twitch prime users can subscribe for twitchproducts along with unlocking upto 50 channel emotes. Twitch gets acut on Twitch prime membership sales.

b) Bits: Bits are a virtual currency viewerscan buy to Cheer on your channel, allowing them to support youwithout leaving Twitch. It similar to token used on other differentsites. Twitch provides streamers a share of the revenue Twitchreceives from Bits equal to 1 cent per Bit used to Cheer for them.As a Partner, you also get to customize your Emotes and BitBadges.

c) Ads: Partners earn a share of the revenuegenerated from any ads played on their channel. Partners candetermine the length and frequency of mid-roll advertisementsthrough their dashboard.

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More details on Twitch Partner Program Page.

You dont want to annoy and churn your viewer by showing them toomuch ads. Make it nice and natural.

2) Affiliate Marketing

If you are new to twitch, you can use their path to affiliateprogram to monetize your channel using bits and selling gamesdirectly from your channel page.

Eligibility For Twitch Affiliate Program

  • At least 500 total minutes broadcast in the last 30 days
  • At least 7 unique broadcast days in the last 30 days
  • An average of 3 concurrent viewers or more over the last 30days
  • At least 50 Followers on your twitch channel.

It is nice way to recommend products to your audience and makesome decent commission in the process.

Don’t be too aggressive. Link products that came into flow.Don’t push hard on recommending products. You know what, it is longterm game. You make more money by keeping your trust with youraudience. If you loose that trust by recommending crappy productsto just make quick bucks, well you can make money in the start butthese audience are going to die eventually leaving you nothing onthe table.

3) Merchandising

As i discussed earlier, the key is building audience. A loyalaudience.

In merchandising, you sell your own products to your audiencetypically customized T-Shirts.

There are different platforms you can use and let them handlepretty much everything from payment to shipping. Here are few Topplatforms:-

a) TeeSpring

b) SellMyTees

c) ThreadLess

If you are DOI’er ( Do it yourself) Than you can save on payingcommission to these companies by setting up your own store.

Shopify is great tool to create awesome looking store online.Where you can list your products for sale.

Robert wrote a great post on how exactly you can setup shopifywebsite from scratch. Check it out here.

Selling your own product can be tricky and can eat up a lot ofyour time and resources. So make sure you are not putting yourselfon hamster wheel and not leveling up.


I’d recommend to hire someone who can take care of this part so youcan focus on generating more content and building your audience ontwitch.

4) Accepting fan donations

Donations is another great way to make some extra bucks ontwitch. Accepting donations can be used with combinations of othermethods i mentioned above.

Loyal fans, can really push you hard by donating money. It isnice way to break that 5$ subscription benchmark and tak big chunksof payments using donations.

Some crazy fans are willing to pay you hundreds and eventhousands of dollars to appreciate your work.

I was watching a video on YouTube and i was blown away by theamount of donations i saw on twitch. If you are providing goodentertainment and content, you are most likely to get high amountof donations along the way.

How to make money on Twitch [Ultimate Guide with9 Different ways]

Owais Shah

Twitch Streamer

Putting a donation button in twitch is pretty easy.

Go to PayPal and add new donation button. Copy and past the codein your twitch streaming account, and start making some cash!


Pro Tip :- Push your audience to donate morequickly. Create a project and ask your fans to help you buy newgaming equipment and set a benchmark.

For Example: I want to buy new gaming gear for$500.00

Get some cash rolling into your PayPal Account!


5) Sponsorship

You can really up your game by picking up some sponsorshipdeals. The more followers and viewers you have the more moneysponsors are willing to pay you.

But this doesn’t means that you must be a giant streamer to getsponsorship deals. As a small streamer, you can also do quite well.The only difference is that you get paid less and you have to huntdown for sponsorship opportunity harder and a crack a deal.

There are different tools like PowerSpikes which can help youidentify brands for potential partnerships.

Ask yourself a question, who are most likely to sponsor you.Create a list of the type of companies you are looking for.

Once you have a decent list, start searching for them online,using google and social media channels, ( Facebook, Twitter,Instagram Linkedin)

Pitch them your sponsorship proposal and your future goals. Theymight be interested in someone who is passionate about his work andhas the potential to get a huge audience in the future.

Some new gaming startups are throwing money on all streamers, itonly the matter of asking them. Who knows ?

Try try again and you may crack a deal. i guarantee it’s wellworth the effort.


Twitch can be very lucrative if you keep building your audience.The key is to build a loyal audience and keep growing it month overmonth.

Your consistency will really pay off. At the end of the day it’sall about audience, the more quality audience you have the moremoney you are going to make from all different streams i mentionedabove.

I think i have covered pretty much everything. Please let meknow in the comment section if you have anything in mind and arewilling to share.

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