How to disable ads in google chrome – a few ways


Advertising occupies a large part in the world, on the street we can not notice advertising posters and signs, but online advertising is everywhere. Sometimes ad units can stop us from reading information on pages that come close them. Consider the same methods as Disable ads in Google Chrome.

How to remove ads in google chrome

There are several ways you can turn off ads in browser:

  1. Disabling in the browser settings;
  2. Install Adblock and Adblock Plus extensions;
  3. Installing the Adguard extension;
  4. Using antivirus with Internet protection.

How to disable ads in the Google Chrome browser

  1. Everything is easy and simple here, launch the browser and click on button “Configure and manage Google Chrome”, select “Settings” and click on it: disabling ads in google chrome settings
  2. Then the settings menu will be opened and there is an item “Show additional settings”: settings in google chrome browser
  3. Click on this button and see the full list of settings. Are looking for personal data “Content Settings” and click: How to block ads in Google Chrome
  4. After that, a window opens in which we are looking for pop-ups and check the box “Block pop-ups on all sites (recommended) ”, click” Finish “: block ads in browser
  5. Now the browser will independently block all pop-ups window. You can also check for Google Chrome browser updates here. and install the latest version.

How to block ads through extensions in Chrome

  • The meaning of this method is that you install optional extension for Google Chrome which disables all advertising banners and pop-ups and other annoying elements. Chrome Ad Extensions
  • Adguard extension for chrome. This extension has the same meaning, like the previous one, it will help you block advertising banners on different sites. This extension is popular and will help completely solve your problem with advertising. adguard extension for google

Block ads in antivirus

You have installed or are planning to download and install an antivirus, it can also enable Internet protection. This method will help You block most ads. Which antivirus to install, choose a free version for you or put a license and use all the functionality of the program.

Google Chrome Ads Not Blocking

if you couldn’t solve the problem with ads in the Google browser Chrome, you should clean your browser from harmful add-ons, cookies etc. To do this, go to the menu in the upper right corner and click “Settings”, then select “Show advanced settings “and click on it. Now at the very bottom the list that opens, find the item “Drop settings” by clicking on you will leave a window with information that will be completely reset settings and cache and cookies are fixed.

Reset Google Chrome browser settings

If you are ready to reset all settings, click on the button Reset wait a few seconds. We do all this for cleaning. browser, because the data may be recorded ads and automatically shows. All methods to turn off ads on Google We reviewed Chrome, write in the comments if it helped you article and what other ways you know.

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