The truth about YouTube view bot


There aren’t lot of YouTube view bots which are out dated as ichecked lastly.

Why ?

As we move along, new technologies are cutting down theresources usage for the costumers and everything is going in thecloud.

I was reading a qoura thread the other day, and i am agreed withthe points made by developers in the thread to support the case forhaving a cloud based service instead of a bot.

This is the reason bots and software are shifting to the cloud.You don’t have to download crappy software on your computer thateats up all your caches and memory.

It is easier and cost effective to host and run bots/software’son cloud server and give access to costumers.

Majority all SaaS companies are taking advantage of cloudservers and all the latest and greatest technologies.

if you are looking for a bot that you can use to get some cheapYouTube views, you might have hard time finding it.

However, there is solution to the problem.

Cloud Based Software/Service

Instead of buying YouTube view bot, you better off renting theminstead.

But how ?

There are hundreds of services out there which you can use toincrease YouTube views. The good thing is that now you can get highretention views on platforms like listing dock etc.

It works in the cloud as i discussed above, youdon’t have to download software and run to get views,you pay a small fee the a seller in third word country with a linkto your YouTube View and you are done!

There are lot of curated marketplaces with hundredsof sellers you can choose from starting as low as$1.00 I have compiled a list of my top favoritesellers. Check them out.

It is 100 times more cost and time efficient. Who want to messwith crappy piece of software and little to no results ?

I am listing my most favorite sellers that i am using form yearsfor my client and i never had an issue.

The best thing is that you can get money back if you are notsatisfied with the results.

Get YouTube Views Starting $1.00

Take advantage of cheap labor and get hundreds of views for damncheap price.

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Show me how

Why you should’t use a bot ?

Well, there are numerous reason i discussed them above. Let meexplain in details one by one.

It isn’t cost efficient: You have toinstall the bot on your computer and run it 24/7 to get views. Ontop of what you are paying for the bot, you pay for computer costand electricity cost.

Imagine, how much you are paying for electricity if you let youcomputer run for 48-72 hours ? You must be surprised, how muchelectricity a computer consume if you keep it running for weeks youare screwed with cost!

Even tough, you can rent some computer overseas using a VPS butyou have to pay hefty $20-30 per month,which is lot of money if you are just starting out as YouTuber.

The days are gone when you had to download software’s from theinternet and let you computer run 24/7 to run these tools. Now youcan simply login to web based platform and let your quires run inthe cloud!

There is huge learning curve: First ofall you do not have lot of options available to download desktopbased tool. Even if you do, you have to spend hours learning thein’s and outs of the software, send emails to developer back andforth to fix problems that might arise. Time is money at the end ofthe day!

Side Note: YouTube is investing lots of money in artificialintelligence and it is now pretty easy for them to catch the peoplewho are abusing their site using bot software.

There is no push button solution to any problem on theplanet.

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You might came across lot of ” Push button ” software’s. That iscrap! There are lot of moving parts when it comes to getting viewsand ranking your videos on YouTube. It isn’t that simple.

Don’t get trapped, i know there is lot of crap in the market ,selling you dreams.

And even if anyone is selling you push button software that cansend millions of views automatically.

Beware! i tell you, it is a scam ?

What type of views you should get ?

You should aim for high retentionviews. That means how long the viewer watched thevideo.

YouTube is more interested in watch time than number of views.Because the time a user spend on YouTube, the more ads they showthe user and the more money they make. Simple!

Also, low retention views are marked as negative rankingsignal.

If you have 20 minutes long video and the viewers you get justwatched 5 seconds and closed the video. This is bad sign andyoutube think that your video isn’t worth watching for other usersand they do not push it to get more views.

The key is to get high retention views to increaseyour overall watch time.

Benefits of high retention views

1) As discussed above, it is a ranking factor in YouTubealgorithm. The more watch time and views you get on a video thehigher YouTube push you up in rankings.

High retention views has a compound effect on your overall reachin YouTube.

2) Less view looks vague. High view count increase your clickthrough rate in YouTube search engine. Users are more inclinedtowards videos that has been watched thousands of times.

3) YouTube has certain threshold in order to be eligible fortheir partnership program. Sometime it is hard to have enoughYouTube subscribers to start monetizing your channel. Especially ifyou are just starting out.

It is nice way to push your numbers up. Organically, it mighttake months to reach that level. I’d suggest to notentirely focus on buying views. The best strategy isto mimic bot views with real views.

Posting high quality content is the key to higher rankings andto attract more viewers. Buying views can only push up your numbersa little bit but it can’t drive your channel towards success.

it is better to use web based tool/services instead of doingeverything yourself. As busy YouTuber, you are lot of stuff to doand i don’t think it is worth your time to mess withsoftwares.

As far as i know, most YouTube aren’t technical at all, takeadvantage of cheap labor in third word country to boost yourYouTube channel and make it bigger.

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