Best Voting bot in the market (HonestReview)


Voting bots are used in different online competitions.

There are lot of voting bots in the market. But most of thesevoting bots are out-dated and do not work most of the time as ichecked lastly.

Why ?

Back in the day, you could easily write a script and give voteson autopilot. But it is getting harder and harder with use of antispam tools and phone verification. There are still ways to go. Ifyou are creative and you like to accept challenges, you can alwayscome up with unique ideas. And that’s what we did!

There are hundreds of voting platforms and it’s almostimpossible to create a bot for each voting platform. So whats thedeal ?

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I know it sounds a bit clunky but here is the thing, you don’thave time to download crappy bots and waste time to get votes.

The odds of getting succeeded with online voting bot is prettylow. You better off paying Less than $10.00 overseas and let themdo the work for you.

I am recommended sellers that i used myself in the past and i amsure can help you getting votes for your contest right away. Afterall, you are paying only for results,simply get a refund if you aren’t satisfied with the results, noquestions asked!

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Don’t want to spend few bucks and still want to do it yourself ?Keep reading.

Technology is getting better and better day by day. It is quitedifficult to tackle these spam prevention techniques using bots.Especially captchas and other tools that are used to prevent spamand requires quite bit of human interaction to engage with contenton the web.

Almost all voting campaigns have built-in ” Vote with facebook,twitter” feature which put an extra layer of security

Because these social platforms have a robust verification systemin place and it is quite hard to create hundreds and thousands ofprofiles.

Phone Verification

The most difficult part of creating social profiles in bulk isphone verification. They block all major VOIP services so you hadto get a real landline or cell phone number that was never used onthat site before. Which makes it extremely difficult.

In most cases they would ask for phone number that is never usedon their platform and you have to either receive an SMS or a phonecall on that phone to verify and vote for the contest.

i have an idea to create few thousand social media profiles andrent them to different customers. Same profiles will be used forvoting and it can cut the hassle of creating new social profilesfor each campaign. This idea is in process ! Keep reading my blogto get updates if you will. These problems combined makes it harderto get votes and win online contest.

is it legal to use voting bot ?

It depends on where you live but generally, it isn’t legal orethical. You have to use ethical and legitimate ways to win thecontest. But some campaigns do require bots because everyone isspamming and sharing it with their friends.

In some contests, you can’t even ask someone to vote for you.People generally do not follow these rules and get away withit.

I am not a lawyer or law expert in anyway, please contact yourlawyer for legal advice.

Why you should use Voting service instead of
voting bot ?

Fist of all there aren’t alot of options out there in themarket.

You better off using different services out there. I dont thinkits wroth your time to check crappy software. When you areparticipating in online contest, you are on a tight deadline.Testing and tweaking different software’s can screw things up.

It is not cost effective

As i said above there is big learning curve. There is no pushbutton solution to anything on the internet. You have to learn howto run the software and send emails to developer back and forth toget an update.

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