Why You Should Not Use Craigslist FlaggingSoftware


Craigslist is undeniably the best place to buy or sell usedgoods and items. Many business owners use Craigslist to advertisetheir products or services because it is free, simple, and easy.With tons of ads created on daily basis, that means tons ofcompetitors’ ads strain your ads.

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Not to mention a lot of scammers and fraudsters out there tryingto steal your customers away. If that is the case, flagging post isa necessary thing to do in order to preserve safe community inCraigslist.

What Is Craigslist Flagging Software?

It is a craigslist flagger bot which helps the Craigslist userto flag other “non-friendly” ads automatically. Regardless of thereasons why the user flag other ads, this software allows the userto flag other ads with a single click of a button.

You may find spamming ads which by chance have the same niche asyour business. You want to flag that spams to maintain goodCraigslist community. But in common practice, auto flagging is anillegal act used by folks who want to get on the top searchfaster.

Why Folks Use It

Using Craigslist Flagging software is a black hat techniquewhich the main objective is to flag other ads to trigger Craigslistads auto-removal system. The software developer designs thesoftware to work with Craigslist’s automatic spam removalfeature.

No wonder there are a lot of “honest” and “courteous” ads gotflagged without any reason. If you are the “victim” of the unfairads removal, you’ll know why you shouldn’t use this craigslistflagger bot.

In the recent past many people use Craigslist flagging software( and still few are using it) to target competitors in theirarea.

For instance, if a user wants to eliminate all “movercompany ads” in New York city , they just needed to use the bot toautomatically flag any ads that has a keyword “Moving” Except theflagger ads that he/she posted for his business. In no time, allthe related ads will be flagged. The reason why people did this isobvious. They want to swim on top position on Craigslist and makemore clients and money.

The thing is that Craigslist has been no.1 American classifiedadvertisements website with top traffic. And still, blackhat userswant to eliminate their competitors’ ads.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Craigslist Flagging Software

Using craigslist flagger bot is one step ahead to get banned.Craigslist clearly proclaimed about the rule in their Terms of Usepage that no single user is allowed to use or provide software.Users are not allowed to use bots, scripts, crawlers, bots,spiders, etc. This rule is absolute and obvious. If you agree tothis rule, your account should be safe on Craigslist.

But Still, You have the Option to Flag ads

What we meant was the manual flagging based on sensible reasons.For instance, you could flag posts from scammers. If you useCraigslist as one of your markets to sell your products orservices, flagging scammers’ posts is one of the things you can doto make sure that people have good experience in using this site.We can’t deny the fact that people will stop using Craigslist ifthey have encountered spammers’ ads for several times.

It is also one downside from Craigslist. Since anyone has thesame privilege to post the ad, scamming activity frequentlyhappens. But it is also your role to inform others about thesescams.

The sad but true thing is that many competitors will use thistrick to alter your potential customers. They will make your postslook like a scam.

If you experience this, the right thing to do is to flag thiskind of post. Some competitors may use Craigslist to slander orspread the hate speech about your business. If you think that theseacts is a defamation, you have all the rights to flag theirposts.

It is very important that you do this with proper assessments inadvance. Again, using Craigslist Flagging software is notrecommended. In some cases, scammers will copy your ads and repostthem.

This is another dirty trick to make your business looks like aclown and prevent the buyers from purchasing from legitimatesellers. Flagging this kind of posts is the best way to keep theCraigslist experience positive.

It is indeed inevitable, but solvable. We recently launched aservice to take spammy looking craigslist ads down. We got someincredible results and you might want to check this if you are notable to flag any ads.

You may or may not reach all the spamming posts and bad posts,and this will take your time.
But rest assured, you are not alone. There are many other people inCraigslists which still respect Craiglist rules and want to makesure that these posts will not appear again. And you can flagothers’ posts without getting banned. Black hat or white hat? Yourchoice.

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