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Quora is a great source of traffic whether you want to promoteyour personal brand or company brand. Quora has millions of pagesindexed in google and quora answer usually rank high for themajority of long tail keywords on google.

The more upvotes you get, the more you increase your chance ofgetting your answer rank higher in Quora. It helps you in buildingyour trust on Quora. The amount of followers also has an effect onranking your answers in quora and search engines.

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How active are these accounts?

To be honest, our accounts are not quite active in terms ofanswering. But yes, these accounts have a decent amount of activity( following and upvotes)

We do not just follow and upvote people like clockwork, we dripfeed it and split it throughout few days to make it more natural.The accounts are used manually, we do not use any bot/spamstuff.

All account has a real profile photo, bio, education history andinterest filled out. If you want to see examples, please drop me amessage.

Rank Quora Answers With our Upvotes

As you may already know, upvotes are huge ranking factor inqoura, the more high quality upvotes you get, more likely youranswers are going to rank higher.

Off course, this is not the single ranking factor but it doeshelp.

You might be curious to know what ” High quality means”?

It means more relevant and authority people upvoting your answeron a specific topic.

For example, you have an answer related to cricket, and you getupvotes from Quora users who are highly followed, upvoted and aretop viewed in cricket, you get more power and your answers rankhigher because your answers are backed up by authoritative industryleaders ( as per quora standards)

Upvotes are not the single ranking factors. Quora looks forother factors to rank answers that includes but not limited toprofile age, number of followers, your quora rank in tags/topicsand so many other factors.


What if upvotes dropped?

We maintain our accounts quite well and they usually do not getbanned, however, if your upvotes dropped within first month, youcan drop me an email and I’ll send you a refund.

You have to keep your account safe and dont try to buy upvotesfrom other sellers. If you do so, you won’t quality for arefund.


Topic Specific Upvotes

We cannot provide topic specific upvotes. Our accounts are quitegeneral in terms of what type of answers they upvotes, and whattype of topics they follow.

There are Millions of Topics in quora, it is impossible for usto provide niche relevant and topic specific upvotes. So keep ouraccounts general. If you want to get upvotes continuously, pleaseplace a costume order so we can create accounts only tailored toyour requirements. These accounts will be used just for youranswers.


Is there any risk to my Quora Account ?

We do not require user id and password of your quora account.Everything we do is external.

So there is no risk to your account. Everything we do is safe.The only risk is that you lose all upvotes and we have money backguarantee if that happens!

So don’t worry you are in safe hands. If you still have anyquestions about my service. Please get in touch with me viaemail.

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